Sexless Marriage, **** Sites

My husband is always going to **** sites in stead of having sex with me his wife. What do I do?


LadyTazz LadyTazz
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When you see him on one of the **** sites, ask him why he is visiting the site, and have him show you what he likes about the site.

Well, first, I must say that your husband is fortunate to have you. My situation is different in the sense that my wife does not have sex with me often. I turn to **** as a substitute. I have mentioned it to her several times that it is due to our lack of sex. She is not willing to change so I continue viewing it.

You have the same choices I did...repeatedly forgive and hope it doesn't destroy you, leave him, or get counseling. I made my choice for 17 years, and am making another choice, but that is for another forum. :-)

Yes, it's true. Watching **** can change what you want and expect from sex. If the habit goes on too long, yes, sex with a partner can become very difficult, unless aspects of the **** sites are included.

I agree with Zorbas ~ based on one sentence, it would take a mystic to read into your life situation from this.<br />
<br />
Based upon your profile, you only have this one story on record. Perhaps if you shared a bit more, we could be of assistance to you. You are upset, which is perfectly logical if you feel you are being replaced by ****. However, you don't seem to have any solution for yourself other than what can you do about him. I suggest you look inward and find out why you are accepting this behavior instead of retaliating ... If he isn't being discreet about his viewing pleasures, WHY?<br />
Is he vindictive? <br />
Is he insensitive to you?<br />
Is he just an immature thrill seeker?<br />
<br />
You would benefit from focusing on yourself and decide why you are putting up with this viewing, which upsets you very much because you have been cut out of the equation.<br />
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Hoping you get back to us.

While I sympathize with Frostbear's situation, I think there is more to your story than him just suddenly taking an interest in pornogrgraphy. There are lots of reasons men turn to **** whether they are excusable or not. Sexless marriage, personsality disorder, outside sexual interest (lover) or whatver. It doesn't excuse him but there's an underlying reason that needs to be dealt with.

Leave the loser, what he does is so lame.

Actually there could be another reason Sinnister, and bare with me Lady Tazz, he could have urges that he feels are not something she would do or understand. Mind you I am in a situation where I am not getting intimacy or sex from my wife. Being reading erotica is the only venue I have for gratification, my interests have changed. even if she started to be intimate again I don't know if I could not have things like oral sex or sex outdoors. (both of which were banned years ago) <br />
First thing you need to do Lady Tazz is be honest and tell him you know he is surfing and that you would like to join him so you can learn his wants and desires. Then you will have the proper ammunition to fight the ****. There is also the fact you may not like what he likes, in which case... I am sorry. Good Luck :-)

Definitely agree here. I think that men turn to **** for a variety of reasons. There is nothing more painful than being stuck in a sexless marriage. I'm there now and it is probably more criminal than the ****.

Only rational explanation would be that he's gay and he's watching gay ****. Other than that there's no valid excuse...<br />
<br />
It's down right criminal!

Can't believe it!!! OMFG!!!

I'm in complete agreement with kungfuchic AND broke11495.

I really can't believe some of the people's spouses on here. I would take the real thing over "not the real thing" anyday. I'll say it again; people who love intimacy and affection need to walk around with stars on their foreheads so that we can all pair up.

KFC....Your solutions are so much better than mine....

If you are aware of his penchant for **** as a substitute for real sexual relations with you I would suggest that you make this known to him on no certain terms. <br />
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**** can be addictive to be sure but unless this is deeply ingrained in his personality prior to your marriage we can assume that it is relatively new to the scene. <br />
<br />
If it is the latter case, this would be a new phenomena. andif so you should examine what has changed in you or his attitude that has caused this. <br />
<br />
There are always two sides to every issue as you must surely know. With the scant information you have exposed here no one could ever know what your true situation might be.<br />
<br />
In any case welcome to the site and I am sure someone here will enlighten you or at least commiserate with you. We all have are issues to resolve here.

Try threatening his life, breaking the computer, or leaving his sorry ***. All should have an impact.

Try seducing him. Wear sexy a sexy nighty and really come on to him. That would work for me!