Hurts to Be Rejected

It hurts too much to be rejected every night. I stop trying. I stay up late at night watching TV and finally falling asleep outside on the couch. We don't kiss anymore.  I would be so lucky to get a good bye peck in the morning. I sometimes get an ocassional I Love You. But it's robotic now.

The excuse is LAZY he say's. He uses tired. But he's not working over time anymore so now he uses lazy. So every month we have a regular  blow out...same story...same problem....same tears....always the same hurt NO SEX!!!!!! Turned down and turned away.

Frustrated....Today I found myself driving home and the tears could not stop. Then I found this sight...I realized I'm not alone. Other women are in the same situation....Hallelujah....


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I share your pain. I find myself breaking down at times and get angry at myself for not being tougher. I feel like, as a man, I'm not supposed to get so emotional over the rejection, more like neglect I guess, that I receive from my wife. I wish I had advice for you, but I'm looking for the same answers, guidance, remedies, etc.....

7 years here... VERY LITTLE SEX... my husband is just not interested. In fact, my g/f & I were talking last night over a cup of tea and she said to me, 'Do you think he is doing this purposely to make you feel like you married the wrong man?'.... I got to thinking and it DOES feel like I'm being pushed out the door - or as Grendelin says, kicked to the curb.... ouch!! THAT FREAKIN' HURTS!!!<br />
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I'm sorry - I've done all the fighting I'm going to do... no more. I had an affair - it's over now though - but now the next step is to leave. <br />
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So, when the time is right (hopefully soon), I will pack up my girls and get the hel* out!!

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I am deeply sorry for your situation. I have a similar situation only it's my wife who doesn't really care to have anything to do with me. Please know that all we can do is to pray, have faith that God will help us through these tough times, and try to resist any temptation that Satan throws our way. Believe me, there are many a temptation during these times of suffering.

You'd be surprised at how many women are like you and husband (who I should never have married--I was in a new state, alone, out of a horrible marriage & he was SO polite,concerned,hardworking,supportive) and now due to property, social things,age I'm just sharing a house..I would love to take a lover..but don't for I think that w/b a can of worms,stress, etc. SO I stay busy..but those nights are bad. ESP when my friends have great relationships...good sex w their husbands. I've read books..1 is :The celebit wife. I hate it when articles tell us to be "sexy"--& creative. Get thongs,etc..after months (& months) my husband got a prescription for's in our medicene cabinet---I don't want sex w him EVER.....theres a lot of us women in your

It's worth taking the time to read through all fifty gazillion posts here, but I can pretty much boil it down for ya. Your roommate, er, "husband", has you right where he wants you.... controlled. You better blow some sh*t up, break some glass... if he doesn't care enough to stop making your life an agonizing mess, then dump his stoooopid a$$. Kick him to the curb.

I just found this site and am amazed at how many people have my same story. I feel your saddness, I have cried myself to sleep so many nights I have lost count. I don't feel so alone now....most people don't understand us wives that have husbands that don't want sex but there seem to be alot of us. I love my husband but I don't know how long I can live like this. He is happy with me just being around, we're best friends which is nice long have you lived with this?

Im sorry to hear this -- this should never happen in a marriage --but you are not alone - It must hurt more being a woman -- I would never imagine a guy turning down a woman -- I know rejection hurts --in my case also - wish I knew this answer

I guess you subscribe to the old adage "Misery enjoys company" I can't speak for everyone here especially since I relatively new here but I joined this site to try and find insight of why I'm in the situation I am in and what is anyone doing about their situation. I hope you can find solace here as well as some answers.