Getting Pregnant Ended All Hope Normal Sex Life

My life has reached a new low.  It's great that there is this website, but sad that there are those of us that need it.  I had a decent sex life for about 7 years with my husband and then I became pregnant with our first child.  The day we saw the positive pregnancy test, my husband quit having sex with me for 2 years.  This happened again with subsequent children.  Now I'm in my late 30's and wondering what I am doing.  Is this as good as it gets for me?  How can a normal man not care about or want sex?  He never mentions it or brings it up and denies there is a problem if I bring it up.  We have gone to counselling to no avail.  I know that once we pass the 2 year mark for this most recent baby, he will probably want occassional sex again, but this is getting old.  Frankly, I would love a sex life, but don't care if I ever have sex with him again.  It is really sad.  We have great kids and he's a decent father.  I just feel like I have a roommate and not a husband.  I don't want to get divorced, but would love a normal sex life.  It's depressing.  Are there others out there like me?

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Yes there a lots of us who suffer the same way and when the sex is refused for whatever reason, eventually that is what happens, you just don`t want to be physically close to the person you are supposed to share your life with. Everyone deals with it differently It is a real hard slog though. Perhaps you should refuse the next time until there is consent to see a professional? At least ther is some desire there so theres hope still

Oh my god, yes. If you look, there are 5218 members in the sexless marriage group who would love a normal relationship with their spouse. I, for one, have had a roommate for a wife for the last 25 years and we will be celibating (as opposed to celebrating) our 29th anniversary later this year.

There are plenty of woman and men on here suffering the same way you are. Read the stories. Reach out to those who share some commonalities with you. You won't find any cures here, but you will find a loving support group that will help you get through each day.<br />
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Best wishes.