Rejected By His Wife

I am married man in his thirties, who feels rejected by his wife.  My wife feels that sex is "unimportant" in a marriage.   I'm young, and I have desires.   I treat my wife with the upmost respect, but my respect for her is waning, and little does she realize that I am considering having an affair.

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Country, you're sounding like a man. Did you take a look at our playbook? Most men think that is exactly what sex is for. Take away the demands, stress, and baggage for a little while and focus on pleasuring each other. It should rejuvenate and re-energize the soul. Please let me know if such a club is formed.

Wouldn't it be great if the men (who WANT to make love,be loved,) could form a club with us women who are on the other side...lonly, physically abandoned and wanting to be a part of a warm, caring sexual relationship???? Without any demands, stress, baggage? I stay attractive, informed, physically strong--for what?? To lay in a bed with someone who is physically dead...not that it was ever great...I was expected to do it all; he'd climas so was always my fault for exciting him too much!! So for at least 3 years we just share a house, property.........thank goodness for my hobbies, gal pals, and travels.

Lonesome, I feel for you too, I am married and in my early thirties with two kids and in the last 3 months my husband has decided working longer hours to get more money is more important than anything else. He now has no sex drive at all and shows no interest at all when I make advances. It is so frustrating !! And extremely lonely

Sex is no more important in a relationship than money. Why don't you have her try and go without money for a nice "dry spell". I't not equitable, but it might make *some* kind of impression. If she's not relying on you for money, than why are you still around?

I am not really into this but your post made me respond. Not all women are there for the money some people do care when my husband came out of work for a while there was hardly any money but we got through
He is on call and on most occasions does not get the holidays others do we have spent about four Christmases as a family in 33 years.

If he or I got sick I would not go finding somebody and would not expect him to do so either. Some men have nursed invalid wives for the best part of their marriage one in particular has done it for forty years.

So you people who are in this just for the sex well behind the eighth ball to start with.
because you cannot be trusted male or female when the sex is gone you will be too or hang in their for the assets in the marriage . And have an affair and also collect the partners money at the same time.

If going to have an affair cut all ties get out but do not stay there and take from the other partner as well because that is deceitful . and in the case of the male the partner having the affair is gaining all the financial support from the one she does not wish to be with.

When people are not getting on like that there is usually something a lot deeper behind it. their is an emotional problem and that is why not wanted to be in the other parties space I suggest communication.

Oh and also only one side of the story on EP. There are three sides you know his side her side and the right side.


Straight from the Dictionary:<br />
Alimony - the screwin' you get for the screwin' you got.<br />
<br />
On the other hand:<br />
Do you know why divorce is so expensive?<br />
Because it is worth it.

Lonesome, you don't say how long you have been married or if children are involved. Do you still truly love your wife and does she have medical reasons or does she just avoids sex? Be very careful on your decision on having an affair. There are numerous thing to consider, believe me I know from experience. I not judging just be careful.

Lonesome, I feel your pain. I wish our significant others thought about our needs. I am sure that you tend to your wifes needs should she express them. Why, I wonder, don't our significant others try to take care of our needs? Hell, they just might like it to. What does your wife tell you when you tell her you want to have sex?