I Found It Hard to Go Into All the Painful Details

I know my wife for 31yrs. We have been married 26yrs. When we met first our sex life was great but things began to change the moment she became pregnant although that was`nt obvious at the time, it became very clear when the birth was long over and things should have gotten back to normality. Sex wasn`t refused suddenly it gradually became an ordeal as I was the driver of any sexual activity. As you might imagine there was a lot of friction over the years and I thought long and hard about the escape route but for a number of reasons I stayed in the marriage. Eventually sex  stopped happening.  It took me a very long time to accept this in my head never mind the physical part. Anyway to make a very long story very short I live in a sexless marriage and now we`re just like two roommates. Read my comment to Gadzoocs story for more details and I would appreciate any comments, even the critical ones


rickykel rickykel
Mar 26, 2009