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i live in a sexless marriage.I'm a female been married almost 10 years .Sex was great,had it  everyday for 5 years then a few times a month then nothing at all for 3 years.He went to the dr. got pills but he says whats the point if he has no drive.the point is ME I need it!I need to feel desired and I had never had the big O til him so you can't do that to me then stop!I met someone a couple months ago and he told me he was interested in me and i told him i could only be his friend..Well one thing led to another and I went by his house today and had the most passionate sex i have ever had in my life.I feel kinda bad but i think i"m  falling in love with this other man.What do I do? my husband is mentally abusive ,he hates kids (i have 5 and 3 grandkids) he says he loves mine but he complains about them all the time.I have been thinking about leaving for the past 12-18 months.But i don't have cash to move out and my daughter and granbaby live with me. What happened today changes everything i think...this man makes me feel so good and he says he's in love with me and wants us to move in together.we have been friends and hung out and then today we just couldn't fight it anymore.I don't want t do the wrong thing and if I am goign to continue to see thisman i need to leave it's only fair.please someone give me some input and please don;t judge me i didn't plan on this .. 

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The state you're in right now is just like a teenager having sex for the first time - it's been so long, your body is going to equate it with love. Take things slowly, and for God's sake don't jump from the husband to the new guy and move in right away. Have some fun. Enjoy yourself. And if you're unhappy, get out of the marriage - just don't trade one set of problems for another.

Forgive me for my typos i am doing this in the dark...

Thank you so much..I think I made my decision well i know i made my decision.Ihave been miserable for 4 years and i am thru. I have been so happy since i met this man just being friends and having a companion and hten of course the incredible sex we had was just the icing on the cake LOL.One good thing about going so long without it when you get it ooooh well you get the point.I didn't really want it to come to this but i just couldn't let this go on any longer.I wasn't looking per say but when it came along an dwe just connected in so many ways .he had been 51 months without sex Soo...but we were just friends for 2 months and then one day i thought i was falling for him and he said the same thing .I knew if i did it 2 things would happen i would relieve some much needed stress lol and know if i still really loved my husband..and i don't.he has been abusive and he just killed what we had and we had something really good.But I love being in love and i never thought i'd find it twice but i think i have abnd i am outta this place soon!

I believe you.... <br />
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You need to take things slowly... really weigh out what it is you want out of life... and then pick the guy that is going to help you get what it is that you really want.<br />
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Life is short... don't waste it.<br />
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