Are There Any Success Stories?

I've only been reading these stories for a month or so, but I was wondering if there have ever been any success stories. Has anyone ever solved their problem?

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in my humble opinion, the only one's truly willing to work on the problem, are those of us without...our respective spouses are either oblivious, could care less, or consider the relationship normal, and wonder what the hell is wrong with us. Counseling???? please.....they don't have a problem, we do. In my case, i want to strangle her gynocologist who tell her, not wanting any intimacy, is normal, and i have the problem, not her. Strange, according to her, marriage, is more like being a roommate.

Yeah, Alexislonely. Hurray for you!

I believe in the last month I have had a major breakthrough with my wife. For the first time ever we can really talk about it and she is much more comfortable with intimacy. She has learned a lot, partially from reading postings in this group, that has softened her heart and allowed her to view this as something WE can solve together. Having lived with much pain for a long time, I can only offer you my compassion and the knowledge that - yes, it can get better. Have faith and express all your thoughts to her with genuine love.

unfortuneately they are right, you have to have two working on the problems that you have. Otherwise, your losing the battle. I've just had to learn to accept things as they are, and sometimes it's difficult. but there are many different reasons why things happen. for instance, if it's a medical problem, or psychological. It's never easy.

Yes there are some success stories but there are very very few. Once you get into this behavior pattern, it is very hard to get out. We are all looking for answers and success stories but they are hard to come by.