My Wife Wants to Travel

My wife has been trying to convince me to go on a trip. She really wants to travel Europe. A 2 Month vacation she calls it. But here's the catch. She doesn't want an ordinary vacation... site seeing... etc. She wants me to rent a car and go where she wants to what she wants to do and see what she wants to see. Her ideas of what she wants to see come out of novels she reads.

I would gladly pay for one of those vacations on one condition. She take me off the list as one of the travelers. I have absolutely no interest in going anywhere with her. I couldn't stand being around her that long.

I don't think she will go under my terms. Why? Well my terms also would have a clause... that says while you have your vacation... I will have my own.

And everyone has heard the saying... what happens in ***** Stays in *****

Now Where shall i

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For a historical perspective, Winston Churchill ALWAYS vacationed separate from his wife - he claimed it was one of the ways they kept their marriage strong.<br />
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Have to say that the tenor of your note was none too friendly toward your wife, hope I'm wrong

Mine is good too when I'm not here. Why Would I want to go on a holiday with her on her terms... not even a chance of intimacy... not get enough privacy to even relieve my own stress? <br />
Sorry.. am not one of those guys that can do it in the shower. <br />
shyt.. can't even walk out of the room with a towel bar.. and shes calling me a pig. My libido is srong ... Can't help it... Just wish I had a real outlet to put it to good use with

So I take it that you two are not friends? So many of the people in this group report that most of their marriage is good (even great in many cases) except for the lack of sex. If you really loathe this woman why do yo stay in the relationship?

She wants a chauffeur, not a partner.

I suggest a European River Cruise for her - unless she is prepared to drive herself. Oh, I think I recall she doesn't drive . . am I right? Or else she goes on her trip of a life time with a girlfriend (who can do the driving).<br />
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As for you Baker, Australia is always nice!! LOL! (Says the Aussie girl . . .!)

Join the crowd Baker, You are not alone..... sex

Does she say whether the trip includes sex!

the Caribbean is always great for an adventure!!!, not that im saying you should...but i would..but hey dont listen to me im free and single!!!!!