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  I have spent a few days reading many of the stories in this lifestyle experience, as well as some of the others listed here. Today I saw a group or “Experience” that was titled “Thinking about suicide” (or something to that effect). I came across the post here by “CrimsonTears” where she makes the statement: “Yes, but I am fighting a losing battle..” The post was basically a statement about utter hopelessness.

I was motivated to write a post for…well, all of us. Hopefully, I can illustratively make a point to us all by telling a story about someone we all have heard of before.

 He was a 53-year-old, balding, and thoroughly unimpressive career military officer. He lacked the imperial stature of MacArthur, the bearing of Omar Bradley, and the flair of Patton. He graduated 61st in a class of 164 from the U.S. Military Academy.

It took him 25 years to move through the ranks from second lieutenant to lieutenant general. During those long years he held many posts. He served as an assistant executive in the office of the Assistant Secretary of War and on the staff of several other more prominent officers. It seemed he would always be somebody’s assistant, always helping make others more successful. But during those years he faithfully carried out his duties, took advantage of every opportunity, and learned from every man he worked for. He was about to make history.

One day he opened a car door, got in, and faced the president of the United States who was seated in the back. “Well, Ike,” Roosevelt said, “you are going to command Overlord.” With that statement, Dwight David Eisenhower went from second fiddle to first chair. He would plan and direct Operation Overlord, the Allied plan to invade Nazi-dominated Europe on the beaches of Normandy, drive across France, and defeat Germany.

Eisenhower would later become president of Columbia University, the first Supreme Commander of NATO, and president of the United States from 1952–60.

Eisenhower ultimately eclipsed the men he had served. He commanded Omar Bradley who had graduated ahead of him at West Point. Eisenhower, not Douglas MacArthur or George Marshall, was elected president though he had assisted both.

Some say leaders are born. Others believe that leaders are made. In Eisenhower’s case, both are right and both are wrong. Eisenhower’s innate gifts and abilities were sharpened through many years of training and dedicated service. But the training and experiences would have been wasted on a man with lesser gifts.

Ultimately, what am I trying to say?
 Never give up, Never give in, Never lose hope, and Never accept second best.

In a flash, in a brief moment your entire life can change for the better.
It only takes as much time as it takes to get in a car for your entire life to change.

There is always hope for a better future.

I am no different than any of the rest of you, but none of us can afford to lose hope about anything.

Hope is the most powerful motivator available to us.

So, don’t give up today. Tomorrow is only a few ticks away.

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Awakened:<br />
<br />
Thanks for your opinion and you are correct. I am familiar with clinical depression, imbalances, and bipolar disorders.<br />
Although difficult opponents, they are not invincible.<br />
They only guarantee of “losing” the battle is when you convince yourself of “utter hopelessness”.<br />
<br />
Someone once said that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.<br />
Hope gives us another day and the possibility of a better tomorrow.<br />
<br />
Don’t lose hope today for your tomorrow; the one opportunity that will change the outcome of everything in your life could be positioned in your “tomorrow”.<br />
All your hopes and dreams may come true tomorrow, so don’t give up on them today.<br />
All your dreams of the fairy tale romance could be waiting for you in your next tomorrow.<br />
<br />
Don’t stop dreaming today…<br />
Ultimately, that is the message I wanted to convey.

WOW, that was definently food for thought ! thanks

Good read!

well that was a noble story and dwight shoud be pretty darn proud of his success. Now i'm talking about udder despair like take for instance depression, when you bottle things up for so many years, and never had the confidance to share your thoughts, it has to go some where when your in this dark deep pit of despair it is almost feels impossible to get out of. That's why i feel people can't take the pain and commit suicide, not because they want there problems to go away they can hardly speak let alone make a rash decision such as taking their own life. Medications can help lift that darkness for a ray of hope. So you can slowly climb out of the pit your in. I'm not disagreeing with your comments at all I'm just saying that you are like a total different person when you have an illness such as bipolar or clinical depression. Well just my thoughts take care. P.S this forum for people to come and get hope backinto their lives it's called people helping people. well that's all i have to say

A very inspiring anecdote.