Sad And Lonely In Mobile.

An alcoholic wife - I don't think I need to say more, because anyone in this situation will surely understand.

I would love to hear from any females who are in the same cicumstances in the mobile/ Pensacola area.

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3 Responses Oct 24, 2009

Communicate with her about your feelings about sex and her drinking. If you asked her if she would be interested in another man or how she feels about that, do you think that would stimulate her interest in sex again? Contact me. I do have female friends that can help you if that is how you would like to go and cant work it out.<br />
Someone needs to get to the root of why she is not happy.

Does she get on the computer alot? Think she is having an affair and is unhappy? Does she talk about guys or friends often? Even though she drinks, do you 2 have sex still?

Have you tried to get her help? She is not going to be any good to you, your kids if you have any or herself if she doesn't get help! That's the start of whole new life and wife!!