Showed Naked Pics Of A 50s Couple To Wife Last Night

 The couple wanted to meet another couple; wife dont want to meet anyone; she has no interest in any meeting or anything I suggest and i stress suggest because I will not force her to do anything; she is Asian and does not understand people have fun with others which involves different tastes; we both work a lot and have been married 28yrs; she is 62 and I am 56. I really doubt she would meet but she could shock me. Many of her friends stopped hormone therapy after breast cancer  scare in media and many ladies at Korean church who had breast cancer. Ladies told me no hormones in body and there is no sex life. Its fun meeting people no matter what happens and compatibility is always a problem; I thought vasectomy safe men were popular. I hope to find some friends in EP and have some fun times. I donate blood regularlly so I know my HIV status.

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Been there done that. If it's dead in the bed its dead or going to be soon.... Swinging (I get that you're bored and frustrated) is a bit of a drastic step to ask of someone with whom you manage sex only every 3~4months... You have my sympathy because a situation like this makes life pretty maddening I was in a sexless relationship for 4 years.. never strayed but it drove me up the wall - she'd be fine with me going down on her or playing around, but after 4-10 O's she'd just shut down and leave me hanging. <br />
In hindsight I don't know why I stayed for that long - probably because I did love her.<br />
Things are a lot better now though.. <br />
<br />
I wonder if she too is bored? 28years is a goodly while, but clearly there has to be something really solid and good in the relationship for you two to still be together... Can you talk to her openly about this? Or do you get shut down if you try and broach the subject?

if we had a SEX Lfe I would never suggest this; obviously boredom has set in after 28yrs.

i will try that zassyspice but doubt it will work; i added you

nothing works for me sazzyspice; i am not an ogre and i will not force her; i could not anyway lol; it is terrible; my hope is to friend alternative fun with a couple.

Sex every 3-4 months, that has to suck. That's what happens when women go thru menopause they loose interest in sex and forget that is still an important part of keeping their husbands "happy". I've been in a sexless marriage where my husband had no interest in sex after marriage he felt that it would be OK not having it on a daily or weekly basis. I told him if I wanted a sexless marriage I would never have married him. How strange it is that he pursued me like hell and we had sex all the time, after marriage that all changed I'm a very sexual person I need my sex. He called me a Sex Crazed woman. I'm 57 yrs old and still love my sex. I threw the bum out and got divorced.