Sex What Is That ?

I definately live in a sexless relationship.

Married for 30 years and have not had any type of sexual activity for six years. Not even any nice close or personal touches or anything.

My wife has never been a sexual person, and i knew this before we were married.  So i didn't marry for sex. I married her for who she is.  I have kept this belief all these years and tried my best to put up with it.  But i must admit that i am now getting to the stage where it is becoming unbearable both physically and emotional wise.  I don't want to leave my wife after all this time, but what do i do ?

I have tried the talking bit. On several occassions, but to no avail.  She just keeps her head in the sand and doesnt really talk.   

Can you believe that with 30 years of marriage that we have never once had a big argument. Never raised our voices at each other.   We have had our little "tiffs" but neither of us are the type of person to create an unnecessary scene.   Maybe that has been my probelm over the years.  Just putting up with things instead of "creating a scene".  

Who knows, but i don't think the situation is going to get any better.  So i just dont know where i go from here.




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Not easy, uh?<br />
Sometimes we get accostummed to or tolerate boredom and solitute in a long-lasting marital life because we have no garanties of how our Hypothetical new life would be.<br />
It can even be boring and lonely... usually it isn't.specially if we carefully listen to the call of life and to our inner-self. <br />
You are doomed to happiness, we all are, but we need to find your pathway, together or alone.<br />
Wish you the best, Scissors_fan

I left after 29 years...I went through all the same issues. How can I leave after all these years invested? If I stick around maybe things will change...sad really I'm the queen of grasping at straws. <br />
<br />
Penelope is have 3 choices, none are easy. Stick it out with people you've been there, done that...we don't have lots of answers...but we're really good listeners.

Just wondering if you have ever tried couples therapy?

Just wondering if you have ever tried couples therapy?