If Sex Was Good Before Marriage...

It really scares me when I read postings where the sex life was actually very good before the marriage or in the beginning of the marriage. In my case, sex was sooo bad with my husband even before the marriage (he always had erection problems) so the fact that we are not having sex at all now is kinda understandable. But when I read stories where the couple actually used to enjoy sex, then it makes me think that even though I would divorce my husband and find a guy with a great sexual chemistry, I could end up in a lonely sexless marriage once again! So in that case,  the only 100% sure way not to end up in a sexless marriage is not to ever get married again? 

Uhhhh... gosh, this is so depressing.

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3 Responses Dec 28, 2009

Wow, sorry if this seems out of topic, but I must say vegassbaby and justme52, I loved your comment both..... I'm noticing more and more that a lot of members here have beautiful and powerful writing styles!

People quit having sex for a variety of reasons but at the heart of a lot of those reasons is a lack of trust and intimacy. <br />
Of course there is no guarantee that your next love would not falter to sexlessness. But if you have learned something from your marriage you will apply it and be one step ahead of where you were.<br />
It takes two to fail, but if both parties are doing everything they can to make success, there is no reason to think that your next love would end up sexless.

Thats the best solution but do u think u can remain sexless much longer, sex is like the best thing God gave to man and woman, how do u do it because I got to have sex and it has to be good.