Every Person Deserves Real Sexual Desire In Their Life..

Every person deserves real sexual desire in their life... as much as they can get as a matter of fact... not some dripped out amount like a leaky faucet, full on damn bursting floods of sexual desire from another warm living human being... someone that wants to give to them and to get from them...

society just doesn't speak this TRUTH.

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Yes I agree and I have just been discovered for the first time and it feels real good! There goes my 8 years of sexless marriage down the gutter and I am now happy and single again living on top of my life. To know someone and share the love and experience are priceless.

No, but then again nobody has ever said that it is fair...

I apologize, I'd like to add another comment. Although I joined this group, I am very happy with my husband because of his caring and sweet nature and I do not wish in the least bit to leave him. I was simply trying to help and was also expressing my thoughts on the issue that...everyone might or does deal with from time to time.<br />
My comments are of an innocuous and no-harm nature. <br />
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Thank you

Zorbas, you are so right. you are so damn right. You too JRSK007. ...Complacent feelings are the enemy...feelings which lie within ourselves. We are afraid of what would happen. It's about insecurity.<br />
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Well I tend to be an optimist. I believe it is possible to opt for a choice which does not include separation...one which has to do with applying facets of human psychology to every day life. To become a master of human relations, and to steer the relationship in the direction and manner you wish. Granted this is easier said than done. But I think in some cases it should be possible, in theory. Reading Gary Chapman's "The Five Love Languages" helped me have hope in this "Alternative" approach.<br />
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I suggest you all check it out. It's a no-bull$hit book. It opened my eyes to things I did not know and now human life makes more sense.

i must whole heartedly agree love me this is a two way street get and give give and get

So many have said so many powerful things here and I commend you all on your honesty. <br />
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zorbas, I must complement you on your poetic insight, defining the situation as one where many if not most of us are "lulled into a complacent life of servile accommodation", because it's just not bad enough to leave. So nicely said; so painfully acknowledged.<br />
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Sadly, I also concur with your unintentional caveat, as to how "the years will inevitably slip by". Thirteen sexless years in my case, after eight years of dating (should have been a clue), followed by almost twenty two years of marriage. Prior to the thirteen, there was less and less sex.<br />
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Sleeping in bed beside someone that just rolls over, is perhaps the loneliest feeling in the world. There comes a time where you just give up...give up begging, give up trying, give up hoping, give up crying,

I agree I'm just tired of initating sex in my marriage all the time.....I mean, if you don't want me anymore say so and I will leave.....

It's almost better when you do get it again, for having done without it for so long. However I don't recommend it, lol. Spot on, well done!! x

Horay.....ive actually pulled....my god.....come and get me....im waiting.

Yeah......im up for it.....anybody fancy a quick........ im eager and READY. ha ha

Very well expressed!

the choice to stay in a sexless marriage? with no intimacy? why? I was in that marriage-he stayed because he thought it was the RIGHT thing to do. We were friends but we never quite got that intimacy back. Maybe for short periods of time but it was difficult to sustain. I ended up resenting him because I knew he was always missing something. He resented me because he stayed for all the wrong reasons. We both deserved true intimacy. It was finally out of our love for each other that we let go. Actually he loved me enough to let me go. I couldn't see it at the time but now I know. That was the true sign of our love and our friendship...that he finally left our sexless marriage. We both deserved better than that. We only pass this way once...sex and intimacy are part of a true relationship.

That is so true!

Good to see that some people actually have the guts to speak out the truth! Way to go JRSK007! So sick of this society who completly ignores this which is actually ( I think) one of the basic human rights!<br />
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xx,<br />
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I have a wealth of desire - but I can't enjoy the active sex life that hubby & I used to have because I developed a disablement that causes me too much pain to be in any way physically activce.

I agree with a lot of these comments. Being in a sexless relationship just drains the life right out of you. If you aren't sexually desired you just lose a lot in your life. Isn't life really to short anyway? It's horrible not being desired. So if you are in a marriage and she has no sexual desire what should you do?

My split was 6 years ago and only towards the very end did things taper off sexually. He just didn't want me any longer. I've been single and dated here and there since, and only with one of the four guys I've dated was there real sexual desire (it was the longest relationship of the four too).<br />
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I'm single now and love hot eye contact - it happens so rarely but when it does, it's better than any of the one-sided, boring sex I've had in the past. And yes, we all deserve real sexual desire. :)

You can always consider the option of swinging, or adding a third party when needed. If you can truly see the difference between sexual desire and love , why not have both if your other half doesn't want sex? I am not saying it is for everyone, but it can help in that area. Sex and love are two different things, they can be included with each other, but can be separate in them selves too.

JRSK007 states it well as he often does here. However, jog 13163 pretty much sums up why most people stay in marriages without sexual intimacy It is the fear of the unknown and because there is no real confrontation they are lulled into a complacent life of servile accommodation <br />
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The years will inevitably slip by and they may be left with only their delusional justifications for remaining and or regrets of a life wasted without passion or true affection.

So the decision for me is, stay married and continue to live in a sexless marriage or divorce and see what happens next. The choice I'm trying to live with is stay married. The marriage is not so bad if we are friends, but there is no intimacy. What to do, what to do...

You have a gift, James, for putting things so succinctly...<br />
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I so agree!!

And it is so wondrous and FANTASTIC when you DO experience that again . . . !!! You are exactly on the money, James!

I lived what redheadedscorpio said--was horrible--felt so unwanted, undesireable--never again!

Well said! I totally agree!<br />
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Live long and prosper!

I know the feeling lol

I felt exactly like Tine did, thank goodness for this site! Leaky faucet? His plumbing doesn't work at all!

I agree! We all deserve to have the desire in our lives. And honestly i thought I must have been some sort of freak in my marriage, before finding this site.