As The Cluster Turns... In My Stbx Sexless Marriage...

In the continuing saga of my attempt to gain independence in spite of the universe's continuing effort to make me dependent on anyone who gets near me, I finally have my replacement truck...  at no small expense to my brother, who in the true nature of "no good deed goes unpunished" has been presented with the monster bill to repair it.

I suppose some would say, and well deserved...  I don't know what to think...  I just can't get my head to go there.  No, he shouldn't have traded it in like that, but I'm pretty sure he had pretty much forgotten about it, and certainly didn't expect it to cause me any grief.  He has loaned (essentially gave, he knows I have no way to pay him back) me some pretty substantial sums of money over the past few months, to help me rescue my house, even though he told me several times that he thought we were throwing good money after bad.

He gave me the benefit of all the trade-in value of the truck, and simply started out with a fresh lease on the one he replaced it with.  ...and he may tell the dealership to stick it in their collective ear too...  He has a huge lease fleet with them...  and has been dealing with them for decades.

I love the truck...  it is perfect in every way...  aside from being a little too tall for my trailers...  which means I either have to have the lift kit removed from the truck, or the axles flipped on the trailers...  not free in either case.  There is a picture of it on my profile.  Pretty it is...  no question.

I found out about the bill on the weekend when I went in to change the payment dates, and pick up the service records from the dealership.  I'm going to call him this coming week... 

The neighbour who has been boarding my horses here wants them moved ASAP...  so, as usual, I dance from one crisis to the next.  Crappy time of year to be trying to find a new place.  Everyone is settled into stables for the winter, and there won't be many openings until people start putting them back out on pasture, or here, on the range, for the summer.

In the process of all the drama over the truck and life in general I screwed up a payment to the gas company...  they cut it off...  my daughter called them, freezing, with no hot water...  they told her since the bill was in my husbands name he would have to call to have it hooked back up, and they wanted a huge sum, because they were canceling our monthly averaging mid winter...  and a deposit...  and since he no longer lived there ( my daughter, shocked told them that...  lol...) AFTER all that was paid, I had to change the account into my name...  which I couldn't do, until his bill was paid,  AND he called to cancel his account.  I called them, and they recited that whole long line of crap to me as well...  I explained that he was under a no contact order, and would be unlikely to help, and would also happily grab back the deposit they wanted me to pay on his behalf...  I said, are you deranged...  honestly...  it would have been funny...  except it wasn't!

I asked to talk to a supervisor...  and got the same story again...  they were obviously reading from the same script...  I said I need to talk to somebody with a little more clout...   she said well you can talk to a supervisor....   I said you are a supervisor...   yes, well...   ummmm   a manager...  I said okay, put me through to a manager...  Oh, we can't do that...  we take your name, and a manager will call you.   Riiiiight...

Well, two days later, a manager called me.  I was at the house by that time, with the fireplaces lit...  lol...  Honest to God...  this really happened.  I told her the whole sorry tale...  I was practically reading from a script myself by this time...   She said, Oh no...  we can fix this...  and just like a normal human being she added up the actual cost of gas used...  not much, because by the time they cut it off, I had made another substantial payment...  made that the beginning balance on my new account in my name, and it was turned back on a couple of hours later. 

This all happened because I short paid a catch up installment by $15.00   ...and covered it before it was cut off.

Crap on toast!  The whole bloody place was sharing a brain!

 So...  life continues...  all of my troubles are little ones...   it would be good to get through a day without a fresh one to deal with, but as has been brought home to me by another post...  my life is going on...   and, although still a little stiff and sore...  I still have my health, and so does my daughter.

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Thanks LJV... they seem to be... today was a big hurdle on the way to peace of mind... him picking up his belongings.<br />
<br />
Planning a relaxing evening with a drink, a movie or a book... or both... lol...

Oh man, having flashbacks of my divorce, except other different annoyances. The thing that put me over the edge was a pipe burst, but thank goodness I was home and turned the water off right away. My life is so much better now, as far as stability goes. It is just tough to keep your balance during a divorce, let alone all the stuff being thrown at you. I am pulling for you. I hope things get better soon!

It's when those days keep coming back to back... lol... it's just nuts...

I hate those bitchy thing after another..

FYAYLDT: The horse trailer was originally a gooseneck, but I had a 5th wheel adapter made for it. I can gain about 4 inches by raising the adapter, the 5th wheel hitch in the truck box is lowered as far as it will go.<br />
<br />
I could try to get a plate made to attach to the bars for the 5th wheel hitch, and have a ball mounted on it, and convert the trailer back to a goose neck... I think that may give me more adjustment... but that still leaves the issue of the travel trailer, which is a small 5th wheel, and why we put an adapter on the horse trailer.<br />
<br />
Have I lost you yet... lol...<br />
<br />
I'll take some pictures and email to you, so you can make sense of what I'm talking about.

Windy... that punching bag idea really sounds good!!! I would need interchangeable faces tho... lol...

justme... you are so right... and I know that I will look back on some of this stuff and laugh...