Am I Kidding Myself

 The girls were at there grandmothers on Sat which was nice so hubby and I could share some time together so thought about mentioning about my fantasies(see my other stories) to see what he said but before I even had a chance to he made it clear he only had one thing on his mind and when that was done he went told me about his plans with his mates that night (he says he mentioned it)
ended up sad and alone and sticky

Sorry needed to get that off my chest.


Sorry if this is to grapic but did not know how else to say it.

Been feeling really not that happy with things at the moment in regards to my relationship with my hubby but I do feel like it is just as much my fault as his.  However this morning was another example of why I can not open up to him.  I have recently been expresssing on EP my joy in performing a certain act. I do really do enjoy it and am always willing to please him this way.  However I do need more then that sometimes.  This morning I was awoken by him as he pulled me tight and started to explore my body.  I thought this is nice as he whispered in my ear as he stroked my breasts.  Soon enough though I could feel the pull of his hand behind my head as he pushed my head down under the covers.  I knew what he wanted but to be sure he reminded me he had a meeting that morning at work so I would need to be quick.  Maybe I was not up to my usual standard or maybe I was just not that into it because I was soon told to lie back down with my head on top of the pillows and he climbed on top of me and used my breasts and mouth to to ensure he got what he wanted.  He then got up to go to work and once again sad, alone and sticky. 
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I know what your going through. Sounds just like my hubby. He almost always would rather have head then sex. But doesn't ever return the favor. If you need to talk im available.

You know you really haven't given near enough information here for anyone to even come close to understanding your situation. So I am not exactly sure what constitutes these other responses.<br />
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As for what happened, well I will say that men and women are different in this respect. Not all men want to cuddle, and yes some can't get away fast enough - that is the truth. I know for myself that this was true when I didn't really care about the other person (in other words it was just sex). But when I was with the right person, of course I wanted to stay.<br />
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So yes you do have a right to be concerned, but just based upon what you have said here it is difficult to know what was going on with your husband. I mean was this a one time thing, or does he do it all the time? Have you talked about it? What is your history with him? Things of this nature.


Sorry sweetie, that must be hard.... *huggles* I hope it gets better for you.

I complete share your frustration. I am in the same boat. Makes me very depressed. I feel very isolated. I used to be cofident and outgoing. Now I just feel like I am rubbish! Not sure how I got to this place. <br />
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You forget what it's like to be desired and I have been in the past, just not by my husband.

I am sorry GailinDeed, must be very frustrating for you.

Thank you for your comments I really do appreciate them.

I just don't get some guys. I just don't. Back me up here fellas... there is NO way I'm leaving a willing woman in my bed to go anywhere I don't absolutely have to. Until I had children of my own to play with as toddlers I never thought ANY activity could bring me such peace and contentment as time in bed with a willing woman. As it is I would have to flip a coin each time to see whether time in bed with my wife was the preference or playing choo-choo trains with my twins.

GailinDeed,<br />
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One of the nicest things about making love is lying in each others arms afterwards contacting together skin on skin sticking to each other and united as one warm breathing humanity, a total connection of souls.<br />
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After making love one's senses are heightened and the warmth and sexual fragrance of one's lover with the addition of seeing their body relaxed with wanton abandon and their soft moist breath on mine and so sexy murmuring voice gives rise to my desire for a second helping. <br />
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Or at least this is how it should be with a suitable and needy partner. <br />
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How can somebody leave when the best part is savouring the intensity of the moment and hoping for a repeat performance. The most erotic lovemaking I find is that which follows the first. It is totally intoxicating.