Frustrated Husband 2

This is an update to my story back in Nov. My wife and I still have not shared any intimacy in close to a year but we seem to be getting along OK. Lostinthewoods and I have a lot in common. I also found EP by googling "life in a sexless marriage" and my wife also thinks that this is normal.  It's also my second marriage and I  do not want another new wife. Would I be happier and feel better about our marriage if she saw me as a lover as well as a friend? Of course. But that doesn't seem to be in the cards so in the mean time I look after my needs discreetly. Including a recent romp with an old flame. We don't argue much anymore "which is a bad sign" and have developed a pollicy of don't ask. We have a great business relationship for now and may one day go our separate ways. But it is very sad to think that I may never experience a romantic cruise with the one I love.

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Cool, Jimbob! I hope this signifies a change in direction for you. Keep us posted.

Well , what do you know. My wife and I had a wonderfull Vallentines day together. I got her a card and some flowers and gave her a nice massage and we finished the evening with a beautifull lovemaking session. I'm on cload 9. Things are looking up!

It's not easy to find that special person, I thought I did when I married my second husband, he was lots of fun, romantic and everything I thought I needed or wanted but he turned out to be abusive, and after I divorced him then I lived a year by myself, I dated and I learned alot about myself and what I wanted in a mate and now I'm with a great guy, we aren't married and I don't know if I want to again, maybe some day. I hope everything turns out well for you.

You two are merely surviving in a life of accommodation and you are correct in that it seems more a business affiliation rather than a marriage. You would be far happier acknowledging that it will never be more than it is now and continue find solace and intimacy elsewhere for it will never be from this source to be sure.