I Lost Interest After 3 Years And I Don't Know Why....

When I first met my boyfriend, we had sex every time we met. Then it was every other time. Now it is like once in a blue month. I used to find him attractive but not so much now. I feel horrible. Am I shallow? He has gained weight and now has bad breath. I found it hard to kiss him. He won't lose weight for me. I love spending time together but I am not motivited to have sex. Maybe I am getting older I assume.

TobyWong TobyWong
31-35, M
2 Responses Feb 11, 2010

Does he have a lot of money?

He's a boyfriend and you don't like having sex with him, so let him go. You are not doing him, or yourself, any favours by hanging on to someone with whom you have problems being intimate. Don't prolong the agony.