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you have said that he is a geek, and i know what they typically endeavor for which is financial and material security. i know that from my marriage that life is a balancing act. we need food, clothing, shelter and other stuff.(the basic essentials) people also need to be needed and desired. perhaps it is the time when he is shifting gears in this stage of life to provide these things for you and your baby. id say take care of yourself first then your baby and then worry about him. I also know that when i felt i was "losing" that flair with my wife, i met her where she was. she is online alot playing games, im a computer widower(her words). ive struck up conversations about the games and have even helped her achieve goals and awards in some games that im more adept at than her. simply put i got interested in what she was interested in. now i see her doing the same with me. good luck and take care.<br />
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Baby, <br />
You sound trapped. You are the victim of horrible treatment. Your husband is evil for making fun of your baby fat or about your breath. You do not deserve that. Continue to share your feelings and thoughts with this group. We share your pain. <br />
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What other crazy things does your husband do?

Hi Baby, im really sorry to hear this.my problems are some what the same but i have found signs of my man cheating. He swore to me he would never cheat on me but i beleive hes full of it. If he is ill walk away and never look back now im not saying your husband is cheating but a sexless marriage isnt good. I was married eighteen years to my ex thought of his job and buddies more than me and the kids. I drifted away from him and did have an affair. I know it wasnt right but i tried so hard to talk to him about our problems but he just didnt seem to care.well i left and that was four years ago and he to this day wants me to come back.to late! Now im back in the same boat and i do love this man but not enough to go through it all over again.

I am very sorry for you. You might google on "Madonna ***** complex" for one possible explanation; or, as you have suspected, an affair would be possible; or, just a low sex drive, and you've now given him what he wanted and he has no reason to make the effort.<br />
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It sounds like you have made a good effort to communicate and it isn't working. The next possible steps would be some solo counseling for you to help you in coping, and/or getting some outside intervention from someone he would listen to that you'd be willing to talk to (pastor, parents, trusted friend).<br />
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You are still early enough in this that I don't want to suggest that you give up, but this isn't something minor and it's going to take some extraordinary effort. You've started well, by recognizing that there is a problem. Don't just let it go.

Baby... you are in the vortex of a sex mismatch marriage... your hubby has lost the whole "being your sole sex partner" element of marriage... and I know the hell this puts you into...<br />
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He might have any one of a half dozen different psychological things going on... but it doesn't matter if he doesn't believe that he has a DUTY to be your lover.... and this sucks<br />
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Look at me... I have been in a marriage of 26 years with a woman who just never was sexually attuned... and now the last 5.5 years sexless... <br />
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Arrrrrh, scream with me, Baby... let it out... because we all know how you hurt.<br />
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james<br />