Who Else Got Shut Out This Valentine's Day?

I took her out to a nice dinner on Friday. She dressed nicely. She felt the need to keep reminding me that she dressed up for me. Came home. Watched some TV together while the teens put themselves to bed. Lo, and behold, when it was time for us to go to bed, she was too tired. Who would have guessed?

No hope for Saturday. Driving out of town for our son's studio recital, won't get back until late.

Maybe Sunday the 14th, but I don't hold out much hope. - "Hope for the best, but expect the worst"

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3 Responses Feb 13, 2010

Got shut out here as well.<br />
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Wife went for the "Tiger Slam". Over the past 8 months, NOTHING on Valentine's Day, my birthday, her birthday or the anniversary.

There will be NO recognition from me to her for V-day. No romance/intamacy = No celebration of anniversaries or V-day.<br />
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We will be going out to eat sushi with friends Sunday night, but it's more for the friend's birthday than V-day.<br />
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Life sucks.

My birthday is tomorrow. Husband took the kids and I out to dinner last night. WOULD have been nice but ant small conversation I started turned in to my husband acting like an *** or saying some **** *** remark. Then when the 4 year old would eat (mind you it was late and hes ist feeling to well ) I was degraded as an uncontrollable mom to him because i didnt force him to eat or sit up....he was laying with his head on my lap.....I ended up crying all the way home and the more I tried to hid it the more the tears flowed.......(still think i hid it) I hate **** like that......Another year of my birthday another disappointing day along with the twistwed valentines day card of HOW much he Loves me and cares for me......$4.99 ~ that someone else wrote. I HATE CARDS. I HATE HALLMARK. and right now I HATE my relationship.........The only good thing to make me smile right now is my kids.....<br />
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Happy Valentines day!!! LOL