Shut- Up(to My Husband)

 when u talk ,i want to scream just shut- the **** -up . u r my worst mistake. how dumb was i ever to think i could love someone like u. u talk n talk, about nothing. when i try to talk about important things u dont ever listen to me. just shut -up. i wish i had never met u. i wish i could erase u from my life. u act like u care. but do u ever really try to see how i feel. NO! i have tried n tried to be patient, listen to u when u talk, but why?! why is it always me that has to give n give , i get nothing in return. i wish u would just SHUT THE **** -UP. how much longer can we go on like this? u r selfish n cruel. am tried of it all, so tired of u. u act all nice when u want to. its ok 4 u to be in a bad mood. but no not me, if i ***** r complain, its cause am just being a selfish *****. look at yourself 4 a change. just SHUT -UP, N LEAVE ME ALONE.

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1 Response Feb 13, 2010

If you talk the way you type when posting I can understand the hardship in your communications. Grown ups that use "u" for you, "n" for and, and that crap get on my nerves. It seems very childish.