We The Refused Need To Take Back Valentines Day!

We are all suffering over Valentines Day...  it's just the epitome of misery for someone who is refused, denied, living with a LLP...  Doesn't matter how you describe it, it is a day from hell for us.

Hell, for me it's a double wammy...  It's also my Wedding Anniversary...   my STBX Wedding Anniversary to be sure...  but that certainly doesn't do anything special to improve it for me!!

So I say we take it back.  Make it ours...   Liberate ourselves from the misery.

This is the day that our refusing spouses go all out...   pick fights, play sick... you name it, they find a new and fantastic way to acertain that there is no sex on or near Valentines Day.

So, Refuse right back.  Expect nothing and give nothing. 

Or something...   there are a lot of very creative, intelligent people in this group...  let's come up with a way to turn this whole Valentines Day farce around.

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14 Responses Feb 13, 2010

We know that... but this is the one place where we don't have to be forevermore understanding of the "other side of the fence"... where we can share our pain...<br />
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Doesn't mean we don't know there is another side to it... actually, we hear the other side of it chapter and verse, regularly... from our spouses.

Well.... that would be because for us... it is... LMAO... <br />
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Thanks, K!!<br />
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One of my single friends has as her facebook status "Why does today feel more like Veterans Day?" hahaha

I'm with you, TLC...<br />
<br />
Take care! FoP

Valentines is just a number on the calendar. We MUST NOT let it define who we are. I am tired of the crappy excuses my hubby gives me year after aching year. His big idea for this Valentines was to send me a cheesy ecard. Wow eh! I HATE this day...always will...thank God it's almost over. <br />
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Take care friends!

K... I'm a western girl....

I'll bring some irish cream...hmmmm where do you live.....

James... you're the best!<br />
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K... me too girl... one day we will... and that coffee, with a little hot chocolate, and lots of cream... and a good shot of peppermint schnapps... soooo good!<br />
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VB... I am so happy for you... and uh... that's kind of what I said I think...<br />
<br />
T & P... cheers to you... you've definitely got the spirit of the thing... lol...<br />
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Yemanya... your time will come girl... sooner I hope, rather than later...

Valentines Day - well I got my child a card, balloon and craft stuff (no candy, enough people feed that addiction). H, well I'll sign his name and he'll participate in giver of the gifts.

FoP I so wish we could lift a glass together. And the coffee...yum!

I raise my .. glass ... to you FoP.

Well, I'm planning on enjoying it as a free woman... lol...<br />
<br />
Bought myself some icky sweet stuff to drink, with lots of various juices for mix... and some Peppermint Schnapps for my coffee later...

Every affectionate advance is pushed away. I am taking your advice and expecting nothing and giving nothing. I will be my own valentine, pour myself some wine, buy myself some chocolates, and do fun things on my own.

Hear, hear! I absolutely agree. The whole holiday is a sham now. My DW gives me cause to despise the whole day!