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Sexless Valentine Days SUCK!!!

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9 Responses Feb 13, 2010

My husband did try something on Valentine's morning, after 18 months of absolutely nothing, he decides he wants sex. I can't describe how completely emotionally uncomfortable the whole thing felt, like having sex with a stranger... who you sort of know. Well, he was done soon enough (obviously with no intention of satisfying me on any level) and he said he'd leave me to sleep a while. I quietly cried for about half an hour until I did fall back asleep. I feel so empty inside.

Or you could have the kind of sex, where he gets off, and you are left hangin'...a bit more insulting...like getting a dinner roll throw at you, while he eats a gourmet feast.

Fair enough! Happy F-Day..

Yes, they sure do!! But friends make a difference... and one of mine said "Let's just call it Friendship Day"... and I'm good with that!!<br />
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Happy Friendship Day, James!!!

I have decided to enjoy this day with my two kids. My hubby has a terrible sore throat so he must stay in bed all day. FU I say! What a joke. I wish I had the courage to leave him.

They really do, especially when your anniversary is on Valentine's Day!

Yes they do! I've had 11 out 12 with her counting this one. We actually did it on Valentine's last year in Vegas. We only went there because her friend was going there with her hubby. It cost a fortune and this year I'm getting the cost of it thrown in my face. Happy ******* Vday...

I'm just hoping she doesn't try anything. "I'm not in the mood". I'm not playing into the holiday/vacation sex. If we can't be open, natural, equal... we just can't be.

Yes, they DO! Especially if you're in that stage where (to coin a brilliant Pinkberry term) the switch is slipping into the OFF position, as I am. My only saving grace is that he will be gone most of the day and night, so I only have to endure a few hours. Only a few hours of him telling me how much he loves me and cares about me, him wondering why I have grown so distant from him, and the fact that the 14 years of sexlessness has somehow slipped his mind. It's excruciating.