I'm Very Tired Of It.

I have run out of patience with the excuses.  I have tried everything I can think of, even a few things that I read about here.  Nothing made any lasting difference.

My story is so much the same as so many others I have read here.  After reading so many, I see there is very little hope for change. 

Valentines Day has made me realize just how lonely it really is.

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3 Responses Feb 13, 2010

When I left my ex, some people said I'd be lonely. They didn't realize you can be so intensely lonely when your spouse won't return your affection, won't touch you, and you can't even talk to anyone about it (least of all, the spouse). <br />
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This group is a good place to talk, with very supportive folks.

I sympathize. I find it at least encouraging that women my age are still wanting sex when my wife who is five years younger than me is sexually dead for all intents and purposes.

It does shine a blinding light on how disconnected the relationship is...Honestly being married and lonely seems so crazy when you think of it but it's a sad reality....<br />
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You are not alone and here you will find great support...