Sexless Marriage For 9 Years

I lived in a sexless marriage for nine years. My late husband was verbally abusive too. He would ridicule me . What's funny is when we were not married we did have sex. As soon as we were married no sex. Granted he was sick, he had been a crack cocaine addict. The results was he had high blood pressure, heart decease, bleeding ulcers, syst, depression, liver cancer, then kidney failure. He was hospitalized many times in our marriage. He would resent the fact I would not sit in the hospital all day. We had 2 animals at home and whenever I did visit which was everyday he would find something to argue about. Needless to say I did not want to spend time because he was most of the time combative . The funniest thing is his own adult son asked if we were having sex . I was truthful however I wonder why his son asked me that question. Our marriage was a loveless , sexless, paper only marriage. If I had not married before my life would have been the most dismal experience  as the marriage of nine years was. Thank God my earlier marriage was a marriage of love and commitment to inspire one another. The saddest day was when husband number two died I longed for husband number one.

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Wow...Im so sorry to hear that i hope your wishes come true!!!!