The Bullshit

 a sexual oh seduction begins with the dishs 

 how about i'm tired if i got more help 

you know i have to spend 3 hours a day cleaning the house for you 

I'm so stressed  i cannot get in the mood

these are just a few of the bullshit lines you hear when the truth is it is all  passive aggressive bullshit what all those things say is 

"as long as the only priority we work for are mine u just might get some num nums"

well thats not a marriage that is some kind of sexual blackmail

Den316a Den316a
46-50, M
5 Responses Feb 19, 2010

Yea she did all the stuff i don't give a dam about ummm is that how its supposed to work?My point is that sex shouldn't be something you earn by good deeds it is something you both want though to be honest if she said yes i would probably turn her down cause i am tired of being manipulated rather have no sex than 2 or 3 times a yr

Well, I can answer Stratt's question. <br />
Yeah, I have appreciation for anybody doing the dishes. I appreciate dish-washing at a going rate which is less than the local state-enforced minimum wage. I mean that seriously. Why would they have to enforce minimum wage if the labor was worth any more?? <br />
<br />
Division of labor --- pffffft! How insulting.

Hmmm, if you helped more with the housework she'd be more in the mood?! I can understand that to a point, it is nice to have some help with the not so fun stuff in the house. But, I'm a woman in a sexless marriage (not by my choice) and I smell a rat! Among my husband's many excuses, I don't keep the house neat enough! Believe me, I'm sure if my house was sparkling clean he'd come up with something else. You either have actual warm blood flowing thru your veins or you don't! You don't totally give up on sex because the housework isn't perfect!

Ah! The justification for refusal comes out! <br />
Yeah, Den, if you do not do the dishes like a good little boy, you are not going to get any nookie.

And what is the division of labour in you boysl houses. <br />
Any apppreciation for what your wife does that isn't sexual?