Freash Out Of Jail

i just got out of jail 2mo ago be for i went to jail i had it all a Lexus a penthouse money anything and every thing i wanted. i started hanging out with allot of people i never thought i know. i stared my own business. i went to jail at the peak of my life and lost it all. want to hear more write back.

livelovelife27 livelovelife27
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3 Responses Feb 20, 2010

lol well i'm just saying what is on my mind of course, is that a bad thing?

I'm sorry for you but WTF are you doing on this forum?

My brothers and many friends have been release from jail and are still the same man, but they have trouble getting jobs because of what they did and me and others were there to help them, and i hope you have friends and family who are also there for you. It will be hard to do things that you once did, such as open your own business once again, because you know have a criminal record that people will look at the rest of your life and judge you by it. <br />
One last thing, what is it that you did to get yourself in jail?