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I have lived in a sexless marriage for about 3 years now,out of a 19 year marriage. my wife now sleeps with our 15 year old daughter.she does not like it,she wants her room back to herself but no budge.this is my first experience story so it is short and to the point.ours is a marriage of convenience,so trying to separate out of the house at this time is not realistic.its funny because I read a lot of stories where a wife cannot get her husband to have sex because of lack of interest or ED.I am 53 years old and have no problem getting it up and having great sex.I have to find someone to share physical love with or I'M going to burst!!! I feel ashamed that I have to master bate to relive my tension.

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Magus, welcome to the group.<br />
Woud you mind explaining what you mean by "ours is a marriage of convenience..."?

Have you tried making your wife feel extra special. How about trying non-sexual touching. Try massaging her feet, for example. And forget big deep kisses. Instead try small delicate kisses. You need to make her feel special again. Think about what it was which first attracted you to one another. <br />
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Try having a meeting with her and attempt to find out what she needs or what she wants. I hate to say it and it is none of my business but is she considering an extra marital affair? or is she already seeing somebody else?<br />
If after talking to your wife openly and in a civilised manner you are unable to find any common ground it may be beneficial to think of counselling.

At 15 the girl should be able to sleep alone..I agree, get two twin beds or something, or have someone sleep on the couch.<br />
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I agree - ************ is just not satisfying anymore.

Magus,<br />
Is there any way that you could get your wife back to sleep in your bed? If you told her that you will not expect sex from her at least you could still have a cuddle or rest a hand on her as you go to sleep. I tell my wife that I never expect sex but that I am simply incapable of living without touch. Has she ever been able to explain why she has gone off sex or if she has any solution to the problem?

No, thats so wrong, draging y our daughter into the mess. She must be very selfish to do that. Do you not have a sofa in your ho me?