Sad, But True

I just realized this morning that it's really no use to try make sense of things and find deeper meaning. The are what they are.

He doesn't treat me like **** because he had an abusive father, he just doesn't respect me

He didn't get addicted to watching naked woman because he was abused as a child or because one day he was bored, it's simply because he's interested in other woman and bored with me.

He's not affectionate or passionate or wanting intimacy from me, not because it's in his personality not to be romantic, simply just because he doesn't feel that way about me anymore.

Bottom line, he's just showing no interest for one reason only. Because he isn't interested.

Sad.... But true.


i know myself though, tomorrow i will be trying to find answers and try to fix things and be an even better wife. i'll just be dissapointed again. get angry again and promise myself that i will never degrade myself infront of this man again.

And so it just carries on and on, week after week. untill there is nothing left of me to give, even to a man that might one day cross paths with me, who wants me, who desires me, who needs me and who can make me feel like a woman.

SadeX SadeX
26-30, F
6 Responses Feb 23, 2010

Why is it that we search for answers everywhere and the one who holds the key to all of this is our own "soul mates"? <br />
<br />
I am where you are now. Ever searching for some kind of hope that this is not going to be permanent. Guessing what could be wrong? I am trying to find some reason behind this and can't accept that maybe there just isn't one. <br />
<br />
I hope that you will find an answer or at least peace of mind!

thanks to all you guys' input.<br />
at first i felt silly joining this group and complaining about my life. now i'm really so glad i did. it's not silly. it makes me feel better talking about these things. and makes me feel even better knowing that there are people out there, willing to listen.<br />
hope you all have a wonderful day!!!!

Its hard to leave when you have kids. moneywise and kidwise....I could not handle sending my kids off to thier Dads E/O/WE - so I stay. I might leave one day if he completely stops trying...but things/people change. He might actually be good mood and actually being friendly to me!! LOL ~ sad. I feel your pain. There are LOTS like us. Just be yourself - Love you for you and take care of your happiness as much as you can. Know that one day things WILL be better - you have the control to your happiness. TELL HIM how you feel and how he doesnt make you feel without it feeling like your attacking him. Communication is key.....but it is hard if/when your both yelling at each other.

yes, 2 kids. one is 5mnts and the other is 2 years. they still babies. <br />
i don't know where to go from here. all my hope is gone. i'm to "numb" to make decisions.

Kids ?

Don't be me--I felt the same way as you at your age and now I'm 53. It only gets worse.