7 Years And Counting - Not That It Counts....

I adore my wife of >25 years, I (would) love cuddling - even just being together... it seems that my fondness for tactile experiences, let alone my fondness for wearing girly clothes or discrete (?) makeup, has detroyed any chances of our marriage being anything approaching "friendship with benefits" d'ough!

Satinique Satinique
51-55, M
3 Responses Feb 25, 2010

let me know when u r intrested

Satinique,<br />
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I adore my wife too regardless of our very mismatched libidos. However if she were to dress up in men's clothes and wear afler shave, it might put me off her a tiny bit but I still wouldn't be able to turn her down if she were offering intimacy of any description. <br />
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It may be that after frequent experiences of having sex with a woman in drag that it may give rise to a positive fetish for me. If I knew that every time my wife dressed up in men's clothes it would lead to unadulterated passion then I'd have the clothes waiting for her whenever she came home.

I may be reallllly tired from 9 hours of studying, but I'm not sure what parts are serious and what parts, if any, are jokes :) <br />
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Either way, I'm sorry for the pain and lack of intimacy :(