Not Any More!! I got SEX!

Well technically I don't live in a sexless marriage anymore.

After the rollercoaster that I've been riding - the fights and emotional withdrawl from husband - we actually did it last night!.

Somehow?? I managed to get him home at 6pm. I called him and asked if he would come out for dinner and we could make up friends (sounds strange but that's what I said). When he got home I had all the housework finished and a beer waiting for him. After a quick shower (he gets mega dirty at work) the 3 of us (DD, him and myself) walked down to the pub to meet a friend and her 2 kids for dinner.

We have a few drinks and a meal and are home by 8pm (yeah we are party animals - we have a young child). He does some stuff in the garden while I read The BFG to DD and put her to bed.

We settle down to watch 'What happens in Vegas'  with Aston Kutcher and Cameron Diaz. I sat down at his feet (he was in an armchair) and took my top off. He really likes my skin. I have especially soft smooth skin which has a really peculiar effect on men. (I noticed this in my early 20's when, as I waited at a bar one night. A french man started talking to me and ran his hand over my shoulder and upper arm. As I was looking at him I saw his pupils dilate. It was really weird. Anyway...)

I'm sitting down and he starts to touch me and it's all good.

He wants me to remove more clothes

I move over to the lounge and ask him why is he sitting over there? He says 'because this is my chair' WTF?? I jokingly say 'So you are some old man now who has his own chair? get over here buddy'

Low and behold he actually got off his *** and came over to me. We are in business I think!

Anyway - the rest is X rated. By the light of the TV we got down. On the lounge, on the floor.

I can't freaking believe it.

I'm planning to have all the chores and dinner cooked way ahead of time tonight so I can relax and do the doting wife thing. I'll be ready - all done up nice with a cold beer for him. Hell, if it gets me laid again, to hell with feminism.

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don't be bashful about grabbing him and caressing off and on ALL the time ! :)

I'm with AC. The tired thing is MAJOR bull shitt!<br />
It is the worst kind of excuse - I mean really, at least go for the major headache, stomach hurts thing.<br />
<br />
Tired? Never THAT tired. Hell, I would BE tired because of all the sex and be asking for more.<br />
<br />
Yes - climb into the shower. He can't say 'I'm tired' until you're finished.

TheNewTricky, <br />
Do not buy into the too tired for sex excuses. They are bullshit. <br />
<br />
I can understand maaaaaaaybe once in a while that a normal person can be too tired to have sex after an extended long day at work. However, if this turns out to be a regular habit, the excuse is bullshit no matter how long his work days happen to be. <br />
<br />
If a man has the effort to take a shower before going to bed, then he is not too tired to have sex. No discussions. <br />
<br />
Next time, climb into the shower with him.

wow, nice story ;)<br />
<br />
goodluck and MORE POWER!!!

MC - You have more patience than me. What about your needs being satisfied without the price of having to "actually accomplish it" before your needs are attended to? Sounds one sided. Would you not like to be taken care of just because it is the right thing to do without the hoops? I know in my case I try and try sometimes. Do all the right things. Sometimes I get it. Most times I don't. It has bred within me resentment and bitteness. How do you feel when you do all the right things and feel YOU deserve your needs being taken care of and he doesn't? Do you just say I'll get 'em next time? What can't my spouse try an "accomplish it" without my making all the moves. While I would like to say I would refuse her to let her know how it feels, I am sure she would "accomplish it" 100% of the time

It think it's the most feminine thing in the world to take care of your husband. I am a stay at home mom and I struggle to be the girlfriend to my husband as well as a caring wife. It's hard to do but when I actually accomplish it he takes such good care of my needs as well! :)

<i>Anyway - the rest is X rated.</i><br />
<br />
Where are the details, woman?! :-) This is better action than most of us ever see. Honestly, the idea that a woman would be topless (voluntarily!) and *want* sex is so very foreign to me...<br />
<br />
I'm thrilled for you breaking the ice! I'll echo PB's sentiments and warn you to be cautiously optimistic - this is a (very enjoyable!) step in the right direction, but it's a long road. The challenge will be deciphering what put him in this mood, and if it's something you can continue to nurture. Realize too that factors outside your control will influence for the better and worse, and not all days will be sunshine.<br />
<br />
In the meantime, please keep us updated on your escapades... er, progress. :-)<br />
<br />
Cheers,<br />

Revel in the joy for now. <br />
<br />
If you ever revert back to a sexless slump, never think it is you. It is him. <br />
Funny thing about this sort of thing is that it makes a few things clear: <br />
- your husband is able to have sex <br />
- he can enjoy it with you <br />
- he can get an ****** <br />
- sex is not that difficult to perform <br />
- sex does not cost anything <br />
- you two can do it and do it well anytime <br />
- sex is fun! <br />
finally, 99% of the time, your crazy husband refuses all of the above. Ergo, he must be crazy. <br />
<br />
Pretty sad, when you look at it that way.

Maybe he would have if you'd let him. Mee-ow!!! If you wouldn't mind, can you PM me the name of that wash please? <br />
<br />
Given what you've said, I will leave it alone and rejoice with you. This is a great story and thought it might not seem like it sometimes based on the way I post, I do indeed understand optimism. You obviously have your eyes open as well, so best of luck and may the sex keep coming your way!

Well, since everyone else is playing the fun cards, I will go for the Joker. <br />
<br />
T&P, I am glad you got laid. I really am. Also, I simply must know what it is you use on your skin and this French man, was he tall? <br />
<br />
Anyway, back to the joker, try not to get too far ahead of yourself and assume that you are no longer in a sexless marriage. I allowed every sexual encounter to give me hope that we were back on the right road. All said and done, we've been technically sexless for 9 years and totally sexless for the last 18 months or so and the only road we're on is the one to divorce. <br />
<br />
Perhaps it will turn out differently for you and I hope that it does. But, the odds aren't good.

Tricky that's awesome! I'm so pleased for you - and inspired to try again with my hubby!<br />
<br />
thanks for sharing :)

Tricky: No, I think it had everything to do with you and your husband still having a spark for you!!!! Don't lessen that at all, that is the feeling we all crave and you should be saoking up every second of it. I think you reminded your husband why he loves you when you reminded him what a thoughtful and seductive creature you can be!!! <br />
<br />
BG: It could go something like "Good god man when your wife serves you your daily soda (he doesn't drink beer) in naught but a thin nighty you have a manly duty to preform!!!" Well I'm sure you could come up with better :) SOOOOO, sadly in seriousness, Although the frustrated piece of me would LOVEEEE to hear it , we're getting a snow storm and I really don't feel like being thrown out into it LOL!

20y2l - I will ask your hubby if you like. I sure would not pass it up!

BG I don't know why any man on earth would deny that kind of action, maybe we should ask my husband????<br />
<br />
Anways hehe :) Congratulations tricky! I agree, to hell with the feminism if that's what it gets you :) Hope it continues, but don't be discouraged if it isn't every night right away either :) Sounds like you broke through some magic barrier!

I love it. Loved your story. Way to go!

RK hit the nail on the head.... Why on earth would any man deny that kind of action. That is stuff dreams are made of! Very nice.BTW... You had me at "When he got home I had all the housework finished and a beer waiting for him." Damn lady. To bad W gets home before I do in the evening (However me running around without pants might drive her farther away on second thought.) I like the cocktail idea though!

TrickyandPip,<br />
<br />
I sat down at his feet and took my top off....<br />
<br />
You don't realize how powerfully erotic these words are. How could any man refuse such an offer of blatant sexuality. <br />
<br />
One of the most awe inspiring sights for me is the vision of a woman dressed in either a skirt or jeans and topless. It is so phenominaly exciting to see the juxtaposition of half dressed half naked woman that really does it for me.