My Sex Story.....too Much Information.

This story won't be up for long - too explicit.

Ok, those ILIASM-ers who have been reading my tale would know that I got lucky on Thursday night. It really was a breakthrough and not entirely sure how it happened. Friday night nothing happened. Then came Saturday.

Now over the last week I have been reading heaps of stories on EP and doing much thinking.

My husband really has been a ******* lately, but I love him and do not want anyone else. I decided to try to inspire him to be with me. I decided to put aside my emotional 'wants' and focus on getting the sex. It dawned on me from reading the mens stories here that sex may need to come first for emotional intimacy to come after.

So I made a very big effort to do things I didn't normally do. This is tricky in our marriage because my husband wants me to want to do adventurous stuff but if I come on too strong he shuts down. I know he wants it but I'm not supposed to be slutty.

He always wanted me to just let him have me when. where, how he wanted, without him having to do foreplay etc. This made me feel used, like I was vessel. But reading mens fantasy stories on EP made me think of it as a fantasy, not an insult to me.

Ok, down to the nitty gritty. I'm naturally shy about certain things but willing to do them. Like being naked in the daylight, giving BJ's while he watches and letting him watch me touch myself.

So on Saturday I let him know I wasn't wearing underwear. He likes the idea of this - makes me freely available. I organised for DD to go out to a friends house. Then I messaged him and told him I was home alone and can he please bring me some strawberries, a bottle of champagne and that I was fantasising about having him in my mouth.

This bit is especially for DryCreek, I'm now a chick who puts explicit stories on the internet  ;)

He must have been shocked because he called me straight away and asked me what was going on? I just said please come home, DD isn't here. He asked me if I was getting wet and I replied very wet.

He came home an hour later and I asked him to pour me a drink, he did (it was 2pm). He felt me under my dress, ran his fingers over my skin. Then he went and had a shower.

He came back naked to the lounge and sat down. I came over, sat down at his feet and took him in my hand. He was watching me intently. I'm a bit shy but I put him in my mouth and did my best **** chick effort. He asked me if I could take it all, I said I would try.

He laid me down on the floor and entered me straight away. He's not a foreplay kind of guy, can't wait. He wanted me naked in the daylight and I did everything he wanted. We had an awesome time. He wanted to watch me finger myself while he watched closely so I did. Then he did it, then he put in 2 fingers and I have to tell you, he's a farmer and his fingers are massive so it was full on. I gasped and opened my eyes and he was watching my rection and loving it. Then he just kept ******* me and putting himself in my mouth and we did this on and off all afternoon until I was sore. I can't beleive how exposed I was.

I slept naked, which I normally don't do because he likes to start to have sex with me when I'm asleep. I used to think this was weird, like - why wouldn't he want me involved and awake? But being on EP I have learned this can be a massive turn on. I have changed how I think about this stuff and just think 'it's his fantasy, I'm giving him what he wants'. So he did me at 6am as well. I was sore from yesterday but he likes that -maybe it makes him feel manly?

But what about what I want? I know he watches **** (even though he denies it) and it used to make me feel crap. I want to be warmed up before sex... I don't know, I guess I'll worry about that later. It isn't fair that he gets what he wants I suppose and I put in all the effort but I love him and want him.

Maybe I have to accept that this is how he shows love, through providing for the family and being manly in bed?

Another thing - I've completely backed off on telling him what I want and about the farm and offering myself how and when he wants has kept him home all weekend. Have no idea if this will work in the medium to long term.



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hi sam. u need some spontinainty in your sex life. we all do sweetie. be more creative and hope it works out ok?

I too was i a similar situation until I took it upon myself to get what I wanted and deserved so I let go of what was my "normal" and gave into my alter. My now husband was a very dominate man when we began dating and eventually having sex. He wanted everything his way and was a really selfish lover, he never licked, touched, kissed or rubbed me unless he had been drinking. <br />
<br />
I had been thinking about how baldy I wanted to feel his tongue inside me so I was very turned on. I went to a costume shop and got a police officers uniform went home showered and put it on. It turned me on so much knowing what I had planned to do. When he got home soon after I was waiting with my whistle in my mouth feeling very powerful I must say. He tried asking me what I was doing but I very sharply cut him off saying that I would be the only one asking questions.<br />
<br />
told him that he was a suspect in some silly story that I had made up and that he was going to be arrested. He has a thing about handcuffs so I opted for a scarf to tie his hands. We walked through the house to the kitchen where I put him onto the floor. I stood in front of him with my aviator shades on legs spread and told him what I wanted. I placed a chair over his legs sat in it and leaned put his head between my legs. He licked me like I have never been licked before and when I was good and ready I moved the chair and sat down on top of him. I wanted him to know good it felt by verbalizing my feelings. I had never felt so in control with him b4. <br />
<br />
Ever since that day there hasn't been a time that he hasn't gone down on me and made sure I was pleased and having a good time. Later he ended up telling me that secretly he had always wanted to be dominated by a woman but wouldn't dare let it be known and that most guys feel that way... maybe you guy is that way

If you're happy and it's working for you both... Wow!<br />
<br />
...and if he spent a long time on you after being "spent" himself... well, nothing to complain about there... finding the right mix will take some careful communication, but will be so worth it if it gets you, and I mean you, you... happy... <br />
<br />
well, keep workin on it! ...and keep us updated...

This story is a mix of good and bad. On the good side, you have clearly had some good sex, which is exciting to read about. on the bad side, your husband isn't much of a lover and does not show much interest in improving his performance, either. Still, you may have to resign from that sexless marraige group.

@luvinothers - thank you for articulating some of my thoughts precisely!<br />
<br />
Something about this story bothered me from the beginning, although the cleaned up version is lacking more than just sexual details. I got the uncomfortable feeling that the OP's spouse could care less about her feelings and that she subjugated her own so she could get laid. As an "icebreaker", it may be a good thing. But if it continues as a one-way street, it is degrading.<br />
<br />
For the record, none of the activities in the old version of the story are, let's say, "unfamiliar" to me. I love all the hot stuff, and don't have any problem with the idea of letting my body be his playground to do anything and everything he wants (short of something I couldn't tolerate) once in a while. But if there is not love and caring along with it, then for me it wouldn't be hot or satisfying.<br />
<br />
To me, making love isn't the candles bullshit (ok, maybe once in a while). Making love is being with someone you care for and trust and doing everything together with your bodies . You cannot have true passion unless the emotion is there fueling the fire, IMO.

Tricky - If you're happy, that's all that matters. If you're both happy, all the better. Good for you and good luck from here on.<br />
<br />
Mildwomen - Don't be so quick to speak for most of your gender. I totally understand what you're trying to say about ob<x>jectification and unrealistic fantasy (and agree), but you also seem to be saying that hot, wild sex is inappropriate and always demeaning to women. I say you're wrong.<br />
<br />
What is that difference between 'sex' and 'making love'?! If making love is always to be so uptight and respectful and like a women's made-for-TV movie, no wonder so many women give it up! Passion takes many forms, and while all parties should be willing and happy at the end of any sexual session - there is no one, right way.<br />
<br />
And you know what they say about variety, right?

VB - I'm flattered to be the honorary sponsor of your events this evening! :-)<br />
<br />
mildwomen - Yep, you're right... it's fantastic. That is, the stuff that fantasies are made of (particularly men's). This was an over-the-top once-in-a-blue-moon kind of session intended to prime the pump; not all goals can be met in one attempt.<br />
<br />
If you'll really read the comments here and the stories of their authors you'll see a surprising amount of depth, passion, and desire for intimacy. And that we're celebrating with TnT, not plying her for **** (there's plenty of other fora here for fans of erotica).<br />
<br />
That said, many of us would be ecstatic with just one of the many activities that TnT managed to squeeze into the night (and more than once, it seems). Personally, I'm inspired.<br />
<br />
TnT - Love the shortened new nickname! :-) Thanks for the suggestion. We haven't tried any fantasy writing or roleplay, so that'd be new turf to experiment with. I'm sure she'd freak out if I dropped it out of the blue - she can't even answer the question "what excites you?" (As in, what, anything, are you passionate about?)

I like the direction this is taking. It sounds like you are making good progress. If you like to be submissive and he likes to be dominant this could work nicely.

I agree with FY. This kind of a super-session actually shouldn't happen all the time or it'll lose its luster. (I know I'm getting dagger stares from all the guys right now.) He needs to be a giver as well, plus short quickies are good to add to the mix to keep things alive when you don't have the energy for an indulgence.<br />
<br />
At the current rate, I'd be thrilled to death if I could just get this lucky on my birthday.

Will you start a online class for refuser spouses? Heck I'll send her down under. It seems hubby may be coming around. I too am throwing caution into the wind, but I would hazard a guess you would look a bit better than me lying around naked with srawberries an champange. Awesome for you as it appears as if you making head way AND maybe learning something about yourself.

Holy crap, that's hot! :-) :-) That's like a freakin' checklist of the stuff W won't do, so I'm sure you're husband is on cloud nine!<br />
<br />
Very, very happy for your newfound hotness, exhibitionism, and ****-till-you're-sore romp with hubby. That's awesome!!<br />
<br />
I can tell you that when things aren't great at home, I'd welcome the extra work - you've seen this with your husband. I'd wager good money that if he has this to look forward to, he'll quickly find a much better balance between work and home life.<br />
<br />