Passion For Life-part1

 Things were getting pretty tough at home with 2 kids. Many activities, homework and high impact work lives. Really not time for ourselves nor no time for each other.  I am sure many can relate.  We ran into a rough patch where I lost my job and then got into my own business with the severance I got. My wife was not impressed but let me do what I wanted. She tells me I did not listen to her concerns (probably right).  She expected me while I was at home to do all the house jobs and kids duties and do my business on the side. It was pretty frustrating. We had a few debates and we essentially got a bit pissed off with each other.   We drifted apart  and did not put much energy into each other for a number of years - maybe 2.  We would if we were lucky have sex once a month.  I started to do some different things to experience life. I wanted to get my Passion back. But how to do it?  I started into curling which is not all that exciting but it gave me a few nights out.  After one bonspiel I meet this woman who was very nice and good looking. She gave me her contact information which I was a bit surprised with.   We met on a number of   occasions at curling.  One night after curling I suggested she come out for drinks with me with a good friend of mine. She seemed good with that.  One the night we were to meet for drinks but  my friend bailed.  I went anyway.  We had a good time. This was the first time I was out with a woman on my own since we were married >15 years.

It was pretty exciting. 

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These things happen and you are on your way to that momentary escape from the state of ennui that exists in a marriage that no longer satisfies. I have been there many times and dalliances become even more important as our realization of our mortality becomes more evident by the day. I say enjoy yourself but do seriously keep in mind that these dalliances have serious consequences and are not for everyone to pursue.and this may not be for you either.<br />
<br />
Calculate your risks and make sure you don't think of this as a means to an end, but just a pleasant interlude in the passing parade.

It sounds like you know you're in the danger zone.

There are many parts to this story, gets much more hot and heavy... Stay tuned.