While It Lasted

We met when we were 24 and 26 - now we are in our 40's. My story is too long to write in one night- for I need to write a book - as many of you can too. I can only tell you for now- that its been a sexless marriage for a while now. I remember  how GREAT the sex was and the LOVEMAKING was even better! To this day I miss him terribly yet he is by my side everyday!  I long for what we had-  yet it may be impossible to recover it!  We loved LIFE and SEX was a very important  part in our marriage- we even had our own "LOVE NIGHTS"  scheduled and couldn't't we  wait to get home after work to fulfill our desires! 

He wanted more and I thought we had everything!  But our desires lead to us to drugs and infidelity, jail, and even sexual crimes!

You may wonder why then stay together? We have asked each other then same question. But all that was done has been forgiven- all we have is each other- we know our past- we still LOVE LIFE - yet now I live in a sexless marriage!

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Please share more. . . . . in the first paragraph you want back what you used have together but in the last paragraph you sound like overall you are ok with your situation. Also, I'm intrigued by the past that you mention in the second to the last paragraph. Please clarify.