my husband is no more than a room mate no sex no nothing dont know how much more i can take.ive trided leavin more than once he cries and begs me not to. ireally dont understand why. its obvious he dont find me attractive anymore and doent desire me god im lonley horny you name it.

pnicole pnicole
41-45, F
3 Responses Feb 28, 2010

Hang in there dear.I am sure you are worth loving and deserve to be loved.I too am living a <br />
life being ignored but,hey,I am going to live my life to the fullest because I know I (and you!)deserve<br />

I like to call my boyfriend a glorified roommate what u said is so true. ur buddies, pals, friends, all that but not lovers and lovers is all u want. i know im pretty funny, nice, and kinda cool and im sure u r too! please dont let one mans issues **** with the way u feel about yourself.

This is so common .. more than you would think ... I have been in a sexless / sometimes near sexless existence, in my marriage for 41 years. When we desire intimacy ... nothing will take the place of that connection that we don't have with our spouses<br />
<br />
I too want to leave the marriage .. He says he LOVE ME .. but he doesn't make love to me ..<br />
He loves the idea of me ... but doesn't know me ... <br />
I am his wife .. have been since I am 19 .. now I am 61<br />
A wife is a possession when we are there for everything except sexual intercourse<br />
My friends tell me that I am his "pet" ... he wants to take care of me .. feed me dinner, involve himself in my life, but not in bed ... <br />
<br />
Please seek someone to speak to .. a professional .. I advocate therapy ... it has helped me through this "process" .... and I know that I am a healthier person now because of "seeing" what is .. instead of believing what wasn't.<br />
<br />
Hope to see you on the road of life.