Maybe Its Me?

 Maybe it was the shock of seeing me give birth, it was probably too much for him. Its been 5 years already though and its getting to a point when talking about it doesn't help things because it doesn't change. Everytime I get rejected  my self esteem goes down. I know he talks to other women online, he looks at ****, so its ME. I'm the problem. I wish I could just leave, but there are so many factors. I love him, I want to raise our son together. He doesn't even kiss me anymore, and when I kiss him he pulls away. When I confront him about it he denies it. I'm so frustrated!

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He's stressed a lot, just like everyone else, but I think I'm pretty supportive of him. We talk about everything even the fact that we don't have sex anymore. He blames me, even though I'm always asking for it. The sexlessness did start immediately after I gave birth, but out child had health problems after he was born and we were both stressed and depressed. I still want to fight for our relationship, I hope we can work it out. I'm not ready to give up on us.

And also ... it's not YOU. It's not your fault. <br />
If you read stories on this forum, you'll find you are in understanding company. Read lots more, share more posts if you think it helps you. But, it's not YOU.

Just to repeat: IT IS NOT YOU!!! <br />
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The shock of seeing you give birth...... hmm...... I saw my wife give birth. I practically delivered our son myself! <a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a> <br />
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Did the sexlessness start immediately after the birth?

WOW! The female version of my life.....lost for words now but we have a lot in common....

It isn't you. Repeat: it ISN'T you.<br />
He isn't loving you back. Repeat: he ISN'T loving you back.<br />
Unless there is some other thing you aren't telling us, you can't help him until he helps himself.<br />
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If he can't help himself - you need to jump ship for your own mental health and your son's.<br />
Not trying to be gloomy, but realistic.