I 'm the bad spouse...

I have read some stories where people felt their spouses were not interested in having sex.. How ever in my case, I am the bad spouse.. I am the one who always says "No" to sex.. We are married for 10 years.. I was not like this in the beginning.. things changed. we fell out of love.. for me "Sex" with out love is really difficult to imagine.. i know it is a bit extreme, but its true.. that's how i feel. I want a happy life.. but this marriage is not working. We have a 9 year old girl, she loves and needs both of us..we dont want her to be with a single parent .. i guess she is the only reason we are still together..

luvrvine luvrvine
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Be an adult, and cut your partner loose. <br />
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If you have no feelings, then be honest, and be kind....the kindest thing my husband could do for me is to call it what it is, so I can make my own decision....leaving someone hanging in limbo is just downright selfish and cruel.<br />
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I'd rather hear the truth, cut the cord and move on so we can both be happy....

LuvrVine, <br />
Are there any good things about your husband? <br />
Can you see any other young woman falling in love with him? <br />
<br />
In your honest opinion, do you think your husband loves you?

Stop feeding the hole and get out.<br />
You at least know why you're sexless - this is good. To not know is bad.

I'm not sure that I understand. You don't love your wife, you dislike her so much you don't want to have a sex with her even thou you have normal sexual needs, right?<br />
If this is the truth, then do yourself, your wife but especially your daughter favor and leave this relationship. <br />
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You don't have to go far and you don't have to stop being a good father. But it is better for a child to have two happy parents living apart then having them both home unhappy. Trust me, I speak from experience.<br />
Do you know how is your wife feeling about all of this? Have you actualy talked to her?

I saw your age catagory and was happy to see other younger people that have a similar problem to mine except in your case its in reverse, which I also like because it gives me insight to what may be going on with my bf. I dont have children so I cant understand that part of your story but im sure I stay in my sexless relationship for similar things.... It scares me to think that my bf stopped wanting sex because he has fallen out of love with me, i caulk it up to his ****** up head or physical problems but it might not be any of that.... thank you for sharing your story.

So you are happy not having sex again until your child goes to college?

You have two choices make it work or end it