Romantic Getaway

Here is a short, but slightly amusing story...

For the first time in almost a year, the stars aligned and we found ourselves kid free for the weekend.  We decided to get out of town and explore a little.  I had high hopes that this would be a "romantic" getaway as it has been months since we have had sex (and yes, I realize after reading through some of the stories here, that I have it good by some comparisons).  We traveled, we shopped, we ate at nice romantic restaurants, and...the first night she watched TV.  The second night she...watched TV again.  I hinted at sex several times, but to no avail.  There, of course, was always a reason...there always time I will take the kids on a trip.  She can stay home and watch TV.  Seriously, how can a married couple with kids not have sex when they manage to get a weekend to themselves?

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There are a lot of issues in my wife's past that probably do contribute to the problems we are having. The thing that gets me is that most of these (but not all) were present when we first met...and the sex was great. My wife was married before me and one thing she told way back early on should have clued me in....she told me hated sex with her ex-husband and only had it about once per month. Of course she said, she loved sex with me and we would never have that problem. Since we were having sex about twice a day so I didn't think anything of it. I wouldn't be surprised if she was the same way with him early on....<br />
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However, and this may be a little selfish, even if she did have good reasons to not have sex, I still love sex and miss it. I can be understanding to a point, but at some level, I feel sex should be a part of any good relationship. I grew tired of having roommates back in college :)<br />
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Thanks for the comment Sleepless....

I'm sorry your hopes of escaping the drought were dashed by TV. :-( I wish I had good advice for you. It sounds like you did all of the things that would show her you care. The least she could do is show you she cares in return. I honestly think that some refusers are just plain selfish. But instead of putting her down, maybe I can help you get into her head. Is your wife confident in herself? Does she feel valued at home, at work, with extended family? Is she an only child or has she been treated like a princess? Have you sat her down and explained to her how much making love to her means to you? Did you have sex before marriage? Have there been any incidences of infidelity? This seems like 20 questions, but maybe if we start to dig in, we'll find a way for you to bridge the gap. If she loves you, she should want you to be happy.