Over the past several months I have been working to be more romantic to my wife.  Schedule time out alone, flowers, nice gift for valentines day with a hand written card, etc.  I admin, that I am not the most romantic guy in the world and struggle with it.

I sent my wife a little love note in the middle of the day saying that I loved her and was thinking about her.  Took me about 10 seconds.  She never replied back to it.  That was two days ago.  She apparently just checked her e-mail while she was in class.  When I got home yesterday, she said thanks for the note.  Ok, picture seems to be clearing up now.  Not good if she says she didn't have time to respond to that.

Good to know.

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Try The Grope before wasting effort on being more romantic.

NeftaliBasoalto - Sorry that I made you cry! I appreciate the virtual hugs and loves. I find it interesting that all of the refuser people can go through life like everything is perfect and never accept any responsibility. Maybe because it is hard to take a drink of a nice cold cup of reality. I guess it is easier to shuck it off on someone else.<br />
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I am sure I am bothering her in some way. I believe that is the nature of man and woman. She bothers me on occasion as well. The big difference in my case, is that my expectations aren't set as high as the moon. She has a definition of perfection that isn't obtainable by anyone but herself. I have noticed this trait from her dad. He is very controlling and has a very quick temper. He has a tendency to tell his second wife that she isn't doing things right, like doing the dishes. I look at like, if all of the crud gets removed and they get put away, what's the problem?<br />
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Thanks for listening to me *****!

My H used to do crap like this all the time. If I sent an email saying I love you and I am thinking of you his comeback would be. Thank you honey.<br />
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If she doesn't reply to it, it means she wants out and you are 'bothering' her in some way.<br />
Look at it that way.<br />
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My soon-to-be X brother-in-law hasn't gotten the picture yet. He is still trying. The more he tries, the more my sister gets annoyed. Just short of the whack on the head with a mallet, I wonder when he'll figure things out.<br />
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By the way - she doesn't reply to anything.