Just A Shout Out

I just want to say a big hello to my soon-to-be ex-husband Jay  He has taken up reading every single post of mine on here.  Beside the fact that he really needs to get a life, I wanted to welcome him.  Maybe reading a little truth and honesty would be a nice change for him. 

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Does he know we are in LOVE?

Let him read it all....and maybe then he will get a clue on how you've been feeling....

tell him about us ...he deserves to know

Straight from the horses mouth..... well something like that. If he had been listening at least he can now read. If this does not work, perhaps drawing a few pictures might.

You know I gave my ex my username and a link to the site once. I wonder if she ever bothered to read anything I wrote. I doubt it honestly. The one sided communication in my marriage was EPIC!

I don't know, but you are part of his life! So, your saying he should find someone else? Obviously you don't love him, just leave!


Yay for you!!

Maybe you two are actually communicating for the firsts time here?

You go girl....

Make it more entertaining for him then ! X

Hey girl try out findnewpassion(dot)com and meet adult males who are fed up of their married life. Start a new relationship from here.

well how about while he reads I come to service you with some oral sex? That may bring him back ?

To 'teddybearshark' whose posting are you talking about? Your response seem out of place.

To 'teddybearshark' whose posting are you talking about? Your response seem out of place.

Why do you feel the need to ***** about him behind his back about how dissapointed you are with your sexlife?

Think about it, imagine you are the partner with no sexual desire, how would you feel with finding out that your partner has been looking for love on the internet?

Further reading indicates that this post from over 2 years ago should have been resolved by now. I hope that Jay came out the other end alright.

I encourage you to join the group "I am asexual" and to leave the rest of us alone.

Or maybe you are calling him back. If he wakes up and realizes the errors of his ways, he 'could' make you a very happy woman. Some of us men it takes a while to learn and start doing the things right with our lifetime partners. It took me a few years, to include my wife having an affair, to learn to properly care for her feelings anf for who she is. Today I adore that woman more than life itself. She is my life!

naaa du alles klar???
ich ziehe demnächst endlich um,
dann wohne ich ganz bei dir in der nähe. ;)
vielleicht kannst du mir ja ein bisschen was zeigen?
Ich selber habe kein accaunt hier deswegen schreibe ich dir von mein
Besten freundin
du fragst dich jetzt bestimmt wie ich aussehe oder??
Geh mal auf.... ( nochhier.com )
mein nik ist ( Mala19 ) und die seite ist kostenloss
da findest du ein Foto von mir.
sag mir bescheid, ob es dir gefallen hat, okay?

Hah! You've got style, K.

Hi Jay, Welcome to the group!
Refreshments in the back corner where you can wait and behave yourself.

You are so right get out now, I did it two years ago pity it was not 12

Go Jay!

Good for you hun :^)

Hahaha!!! Humiliation at it's finest--well done!

Jay mate! this woman needs to get laid. Do your job.

LOL! Taking social media to a new level ...

I can't wait to say goodbey to my soon to be ex husband too! I hope you are both doing great!

Wow that's ....... Sooo hardcore stepping hard

Go girl we applaud you!

I hadn't seen this one before. Pretty cool. How personal, to leave a message to someone snooping around in your world. I doubt he gets the point, and if he does, it's probably too late for him to get himself right. Let's hope that he met his new "friend" on an asexual forum!<br />
<br />
I think I would like it if my wife spent time on here reading about how SMs affect the refused spouse. That said, I'm not so sure I would want her to read what I have specifically written. I guess no harm would come of it, she hasn't been listening for years anyway!<br />
<br />

I still love this story and all that it signalled...so I just had to comment so it circulates again.<br />
<br />
xo to our K-dog....<br />
<br />
Love,<br />
<br />

Wow what an a******. Phone sex while not tending to his wife? His clothes would so be out on the street.

*snort* You go girl.

Hi K. I wish I'd had the forethought to do this when my ex decided to start trashing my profile. At least I could've had a bit of fun at her expense...<br />
<br />
How are things now?

He sucks for doing that. Some people are idiots.

That's funny, and a little sad. If you think about it, it's just plain disturbing!

I hide out here under a new profile. But it's pretty amusing that this story pops up every so often.

I don't think he ever saw it. :) It still was fun anyway.

Whhaeey you tell him girl! This really cheered me up dunno why but something about it made a little giggle escape lol

Hi Jay! Welcome to Hell. :)

DanteBurning2's seal of approval! LOL

I left my computer open one time so he found me here. I guess I never cared enough to re-invent myself. I used to feel pretty intimidated by him, frustrated, and angry. But mostly now, I realize he's pathetic.

LOL, that would be why I am anonymous!

Wow! I'm feeling your anger through this post.

Sounds like you have something good developing with your EP friend. Leaving messages for your ex to find could sound like you still miss him because you care what he is doing - move on hun

Great post. It scares them to death when the control stops working. Like, hmmmm, is that the best you've got? Geez, what's on Leno?

Thanks for all your support, my friends. Posting this has provided me with a certain amount of pleasure. It's so nice to really really know that he can't hurt me any more. As his insults become more extreme and bizarre, the more he just seems sad and desperate to me. My only regret is that my children have an emotionally scarred person as a father. <br />
Love you guys!!

Check out what I just read she's so open in her relationship I almost had to pinch myself <br />
Your just out spoken about your dude that it's all new to me <br />
Take a chill pill and laugh a little about the beautiful life that you've been blessed with <br />
My heart wishes you both luck I wouldn't be surprised if he's embarrased when he receives this message Stop next time and imagine me reading this to my mom and dad

Good for you! I miss the days when the internet was truly anonymous.

Hi sexy females

Some people try to have their cake and eat it too. You might need to change your profile and name to stop him from reading your mail. Best of luck...btw do you think he might be gay?

Hey K-dog! You are one of the people on this forum whom I admire greatly. I hope your Ex realises what he has thrown away so easily . . . . I'm feeling sorry for his cyber girlfriend because she doesn't (yet!) know what she is getting into! I wonder how long it will be before SHE is posting here on ILIASM?

Hell yeah! You go girl! I know how it is to have an ex or soon to be ex always poking around where they do not belong. Tell him to **** off and leave you alone!

G'Day, <br />
sometimes people dont realize what they have forsaken <br />
Internet dating is kool Internet cheating isnt <br />
You blokes here because he knows he blew it big time<br />
Hes lost you <br />
& he is yet to meet the cyber gal <br />
who may be 27 stone 7 been hit with the ugly stick in the real life <br />
<br />
some lessons are hard to learn <br />
lets hope he gets it right in the next one <br />
cheers <br />

We should all rate up K-dog's story to show him how much we support her.<br />
K-dog, let him snoop, you have not done(or said) anything wrong!

Well by "eavesdropping" on you here he will just have to take the chance of hearing some unwelcome to him truths.

He is really the poster child for this group. He's in two sexless relationships. Me...his wife with whom he's never been able to develop true intimacy. And his new Texas phone love who he's never even met.