An Angry Wife In A Sexless Marrage...

Good evening all,

I was going through my normal nightly routine this evening and decided to type "Angry Wives" in Google and EP showed up with "I live in a Sexless Marrage".  Nothing has summed me up better in a long time.

Just as an inrtoduction to my personal plight, I left a sexless marrage and went into a wirlwind, pretty good sex, fun loving relationship.  The relationship progressed, the sex was still pretty good, but preditctable.  He moved and asked me to move with him.  I figured, "What the HEdoulbehockeysicks, I have already made a trainwreck of my life, maybe a fresh start is what I need".  I quit my bartending job and moved 200 miles.  Little did I know.

I got a good office job, but have had a terrible time making friends.  My SO turned out to be a drunk.  Two years later, I'm a sexually frustrated, spineless wimp with a good job and a lazy, unemplyed drunk for a boyfriend.  Yay me.

I don't even have any more energy to go further.  Glad there are people out there like me, thanks in advance for being here!  You can be sure I will be posting in the forum.

Jessikate Jessikate
31-35, F
5 Responses Mar 3, 2010

wow your honesty is awsome, no use telling a spineless person to leave as this will go into 1 ear and out the other. im sure you know you deserve better. however i do hope you get what you want. im sure you will enjoy this site... good luck

I'm sorry that you've ended up in the fire after jumping out of the frying pan. The good news is this fire is really easy to run out of. When you do, you'll see you did have a spine.

If you don't have any children to consider why on earth do you stay? Maybe you should check out al-anon for some support (helped me tremendously, highly recommend it, and it costs next to nothing, free if you can't afford it...they usually ask for a small donation at meetings, when I went it was $1....) <br />
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Al-anon is for anyone who has been or is involoved with an alcoholic....and if you were bartending, you were surrounded (I used to bartend, I know where you are).

Pack up your bags and leave your insignificant whatever to wallow in his own **** and vomit.

Welcome JessiKate. I'm so sorry you have had not one but two disastrous relationships. You certainly deserve a LOT better. Take your time to read the many stories and forum posts here - you will find a lot of valuable information and support here.<br />
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Take your time to rebuild your own self esteem - then get the Hell out of your current relationship. A drunk partner who does not contribute to the relationship is something you are best rid of as soon as possible. You have all my sympathy. {{{Hugs}}}