I Gave Everything I Want Love

i gave all the love respect kindness support to a wife of 2o years who cannot deal with my xdressing desires i am 43 and full of life and desires
chrisscot chrisscot
2 Responses Mar 4, 2010

Looks like you didn't give the one thing that would have made a difference.

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You haven't given us too much information to work on. Are you saying that you think that because you like to cross dress that your wife is turned off by this behaviour? Has she told you as much? Does she only respond to you if you are not in cross dress mode or has she gone off the boil altogether?<br />
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I wouldn't mind how or what my wife dressed or undressed in as long as it made her feel horny enough for her to want some intimacy from me. She could dress up as a clown and I would still want her!