I Thought It Was Me,

I want to be loved . I am married have been for 22 yrs. I have a college aged child and a high school age child. I know we all change and not wanting sex at certain ages but I am 44yrs old . he just is not interested in me i have given up thinking i must be wrong to want sex all the time but you know after reading some articles on this site , i am not alone I hope I can find some answers here but you know i am human and I deserve to be loved and not only by by children. he says he loves me but he never shows me physically. and i miss that the most. don't get me wrong he does kiss me from time to time but not to often because i try to get more than that from him so he has limited his pecks. if there is someone out there who is having the same problems please i would like to hear from you .

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Welcome! I do think that you will find plenty of company on this site and perhaps in time some answers if not solutions to your issue at hand. Do realize right off that you are not at fault for your circumstance as you find after you hear other stories much the same as your own.<br />
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This is wonderful site full of delightful people.

It's not you, and it's not your fault. Read lots more in this group, and you'll see that. <br />

it has been several months since we had some physical contact and when we did it was one sided , then he turned over and went to sleep, i felt ashamed, used,offended. when i bring up the subject of our physical relationship he always starts with "here we go again" and we always end up with me shedding tears and he just not interested in what I say, he is more concerned with his new phone, game, etc. thank you all for reading at least I know I am not the only one that feels like this.

Hi casper, <br />
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Unfortunately we are all having the same problems as you are and that's why we are all here!<br />
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Are you managing to get any sex whatsoever from your husband or is your life truly sexless. What does he say when you tell him that you want to be kissed and made love to? Has he any explanation of why he no longer needs any intimacy? Have you asked him if he would rather ********** than have sex with his wife?<br />
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We're all here to help, empathize and commiserate and in doing so maybe we'll manage to reach some understanding even if it's not necessarily what we want to hear.