When Opportunity Knocks...

Friday W went out with some co-workers after work.  She was dropped off at home somewhat impaired later in the evening.  We went to bed and I initiated contact and had "sex" with W.   She was willing and we played around for a while.  Did I take advantage of the situaiton?

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Learn how to mix her favorite drinks!<br />
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In my case, I think W is afraid of being uninhibited - maybe she thinks sex is shameful, or trying something "different" leads to future expectations. (We're miles from kinkdom... "different" = receiving oral in her book.) Who knows, but I think alcohol would offer "plausible deniability" - she could let the "bad girl" out and blame it on the alcohol later. Now, if I could just get her to drink more than half a beer...

Hmmmm, you should stop by the store and make sure you fully stock the house with her favorite beverage...

Good for you. Offer her another drink tonight.

No she was driven the buss once we got going..

I love it when my wife drinks. It makes the odds so much better, not always, but better.

Rephrase your post. You should say: " I took care of the situation. " instead.

Unfortunately, this is the only way my wife ever 'allows' an intimacy - after drinking. Only thing is, I don't even ask any more even if she's gone out with her friends and come back impaired!<br />
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I want all or nothing, I guess.<br />
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However, good for you. Even if you did take advantage. It just shows you she IS capable, just chooses not to be in the normal world.