The End Of The Road....

This is my first time here, in fact I had a friend tell me I needed to talk to someone about what's floating in my mind. Because I would become an old bitter person if I did not try to make some changes. First, I am a father of four and grandfather of three, I am 41 yrs old and I live in a sexless marriage.

I guess you call it getting lucky four times last year and this year doesn't seems like that record will be topped. I am at the point where asking is useless I feel as a providing dedicated family man, I shouldn't have to beg. Now getting some feels like pity or I don't know, I am the point of no return. My kids are grown and I find myself wondering if the grass is greener. Do I still Love my wife, I don't know? We have had some rough years and I no longer want to to have these rough years, Life is too short. Lately I have found out she has been lying about things, and I feel what else is she lying about? I  found out she went back home last fall for a class reunion and for her sick aunt like I was told. I have found numbers on her phone of other guys when I question she accuses me of being over jealous and never gives me a acceptable reason for these numbers. Is she cheating on me I cannot be sure. I work two jobs and spend most of the day away from home.  I recently I was playing a game on her phone and went through the contacts sure enough another number, this time I didn't even ask, maybe I just don't want to know. All these issues have put me at the end of the rope. I don't discuss this with her because it always somehow becomes my fault. 

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Your life is just beginning. If your wife doesn't want to go along for that ride with you, then it's time to make some serioius life decisions. Life really is too short.<br />
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I too left my sexless marriage. I won't lie, it's hard and painful and you will doubt yourself a lot, but you are so young that starting over should be easy. There are so many woman looking for a really nice guy to share there life with.<br />
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I think you know the answer ,my first marriage 17 years was a rollercoaster was divorce for 8 found my soul mate and never had those feelings in that marriage. I belive marriage is forever but my first was not a marriage, my second was. I always say If I am going to be lonely I would rather be alone by myself than alone with someone.

Hit the road Jack, do you come back no more, no more, no more. I was in a sexless marriage for 26 years and left in September. It isn't easy but after a while you are much happier with your new found freedom and the opportunity of finding a soul mate to really share your life. I am so happy, I hardly come to this site because I find these stories depressing but I have friends that are still here. Read my story. I was one of you and in most cases, this is the only way to find happiness. Forget about the money, the house, the kids and the dogs. Life is too short to live with a dysfunctional spouse.