No Sex For Three Years

This is ridiculous!!!  I have been married for four years, I will give him the nine months of being pregnant for not having sex but's no was a joke, when the doctor says at a check up after I had delivered...oh, you can have sex now....yeh, whatever...and nothing happened...I am so tired of bringing it up over and over again...especially for something that is supposed to be natural...I would be GONE...if it weren't for my child, so now I need someone to just give me a "fix" even if it's just once a soon as I can, I am going to get a private investigator on him to see what the real deal is...if he's not gay or having an affair of which he both denied...then something is definitely WRONG with least, be man enough to say what it is, and stop hiding behind being so moral about homosexuality, drinking, etc....hey, if he needs a cover, fine...just let me do my thing in this ONE area....I know it sounds crazy but I KNOW he won't divorce me or if I file, he'll just give my life hell or use my child to raise, at this point, since I know he WON'T go to counseling, or take Viagra..since he told me that he doesn't need it and laughed at the request...then, I will wait for an encounter...hopefully, someone that is not wacko, that has just as much to lose as me, that is "clean" and that won't be clingy and just understand that it's just about sex.  I hate the fact that my body is being wasted...I am very attractive, smart and loving and I definitely don't deserve this B.S. I have tried to do it the "right" way, and look at where it got me...oh, and he just loves to turn everything around on me to make me seem like I'm the one with the issue....or that it's supposed to be normal for a REAL man to go for this long without being intimate with his, if anyone has any better ideas...let me know...I'll just repent when the encounter is least, I would've had an ******!!


P.S. I saw a former co-worker the other day that I would just LOVE to have...I fantasize about him all of the time...but he's married and he's had enough issues himself with infidelity on his part so I know he would be resistant...

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I feel your pain, I am in a similar situation.....not as bad, once in awhile I get wham bam thank you mamm' sex....maybe 7 minutes start to finish...once in guy likes the internet....that I know of....not sure what seemed to change the day we signed the papers on our house, literally....amazing sex went to ok sex, to "that's it?" almost no sex.....I am sooo floored, we really discussed, prior to marriage, that sex was a really important part of a what happened? <br />
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Just feel too low to accept the left-over crumb sex anymore....which isn't that often anyway.....but we have been a committed couple for almost 4 years, and if it's like this now, what's it gonna be like in 10 more years? <br />
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I don't know what to tell you, I personally seek intimacy, with a lover on the side? Probably not.

Look up and do some research on Madonna/***** syndrome. Your husband may need some very intense counseling.

LM, <br />
There probably is no peaceful solution to your plight. <br />
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You have a lot of questions about your husband and it sounds like he may never tell you the truth about his thoughts.

Try 24 years. Desperation goes to Depression.