Would Saying 'Happy Birthday' This Morning...

...... really have killed him?

Same ****, different day.


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Thanks for all the good wishes! And now I get to make you all jealous with what I got for my birthday... (yes I know you're all thinking uhuh oh really...)<br />
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Well... my husband plays an online game, every spare minute he has, headphones on - chatting on ventrilo lost to the real world.... and.... he got me something in the game! Yes... the game I don't play! Now don't get me wrong, I have tried to get into the game as I am of the 'if you can't beat them, join them' attitude, but it really is not my thing and I haven't played it in months if not, years. However, I'm sure that when I next log in ... my present will be there waiting!!

Happy Birthday! Do something to pamper yourself.

Thanks guys, it was meant as a rant but I'm genuinely smiling for the first time today reading your comments. <br />
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enna! - you are so sweet and you make me laugh so much.

Happy Happy Birthday! Please make a decision that today you will NOT accept that old wish: "Many Happy Returns"! Decide that today is the last birthday you will spend in a sexless marriiage with someone who shows such little evidence of caring for you or about you . . . . <br />
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And go and have an expensive day at the Spa and put it on HIS credit card - tell him you "knew" he'd want you to have a Happy Birthday! Watch him squirm out of that one!! LOL

Happy birthday to you.... best wishes... make it special for yourself above all else....

Happy Birthday! Go out, do something you you want and buy yourself what you want. Your birthday deserves to be celebrated even if he's too dense to realize it.

Congrats on yet another orbit of the sun!!!!<br />
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I know what you mean... um about 6 brithdays have gone by all sexless... would it have killed her to have some sex on my birthday??? WTF is wrong with these pathetic people???

Happy birthday! Don't let him ruin it!

Thanks vectorking, I nearly spat my coffee over my desk....<br />
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I can't wait to see what my surprise is.... oh wait, yes I can....

OK - I'm first - happy birthday!<br />
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Maybe he's waiting until later to surprise you with *cough, cough* birthday sex!