He Tried Today

After getting rejected by him last night, he could tell I was upset, and tried to have sex with me today.... It didn't work out... **** can keep him hard and I can't. This really isn't easy.... I've lost faith in my religion, I married him because I felt prompted too... Now I am just... I don't know. Last night I dreamed that he was my brother... My mind is getting really sick... I am so damn horny I just want laid right now... In the first year I would keep trying but that would lead to him crying because he can't perform and it just makes me sick

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All i can offer, is my understand and sympathies...I hope you find a way to work through this, but in the meantime, you have lots of support right here! Good luck

funny I only wanted to know so maybe I could imitate it for him

He won't even tell me what kind of **** he looks at

BB - I feel for you here. Reading between the lines, I wonder... does he have too much (hardcore) **** in his diet? We're all subject to conditioning, and "too much of a good thing" can make it difficult for him to cope in the real world. You may be smoking hot and giving him the world's best BJ, but it won't turn him on if his "norm" is watching a freakishly proportioned **** star take 3 guys at once.<br />
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It's not you, it's him. I know, that doesn't help you get laid, but don't be so hard on yourself.

Thanks. I just can't help feeling it could be so much worse.... and that I should be grateful for what I have

we can all tell you that nothing you try will work totally for nothing will fill the gap that is missing. <br />
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We all feel for you. And that is what you can get from here...support. <br />
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But, only you can control the outcome.<br />
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