Construction Next Door

A house is being built next door and the workers see me go to and fro in a bikini because we live on the beach, sometimes they whistle and I give them the cold shoulder but each day it gets harder. I had a friend I could have had sex with and I didn't, I kind of regret that.... Some of you write that you just wish that some one would look at you with desire, I am torn between wanting it and hating the temptation... And still I feel the same feeling of ugliness and non desirablity most of us here experience.... So I don't know which situation is better... All I can say is this sucks.... My husband is a great friend, I just wish he were my lover....

I tried talking about this to two people who know me, they pretty much don't talk to me anymore, I'm sure it is because they feel awkward.... So this place is a life saver I wish I'd known about it when I was being stalked...

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For the most part I will hang on until the last possible moment, and in the present prepare for what ever will be...

It's the crappy paradox many of us are stuck in... you don't desire the men who want you, but the man you desire doesn't want you.<br />
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Random comment... there's a song by Howard Jones called "No One is to Blame" that has a lot of lyrics that echo the frustration of our situations (though I'm not sure the whole song does).<br />
"You can build a mansion, but you can't live in it"<br />
"You're the fastest runner, but you're not allowed to win"<br />

Lol different group...

Everything in your post was going along fine, I was understanding you and empathizing and all, and then your ended it with "being stalked"... Huh? What? Huh? <br />
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Thanks for keeping me on my toes.<br />
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james<br />