Final Story Here

My friends i have not posted in this group for quite some time and tonight i am posting my last story in this group.

I got the news today from my lawyer that as soon as i get home (i'm a truckdriver) i can sign the papers and i will be free of my wife! Now this is great news for me but it could be potentially bad news for the ladies out there........i went 10 years without any during my marriage.....after leaving her i met a few women and enjoyed their company both physically and emotionally but since i was still legally married i felt somewhat guilty about the end of april i will be completely free of her and hopefully i will find i can once again enjoy the connection without the guilt.

Fair warning though ladies.....its been a good six months since my last experience and.......well if you are single you may want hide if you see me walking your way LOL

ihaveanameitsrick ihaveanameitsrick
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10 Responses Mar 10, 2010

thank you!!!!

Good luck to you. May you find what you need to fulfill your dreams - and fantasies.


one never knows what the future holds :)

LOL actually i'm not really looking to hook up with anyone.......but should the opportunity present itself.....

just kidding. if it weren't for my special someone, i'd run straight to ya! :) i always did have a fondness for teddy bears, you know.

probably a good idea jerrica LOL

horny man on the loose? *jerrica runs away swiftly from rick* :)

thank you!